Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No ventilator

They took away Mitchell's ventilator today and 7:40 a.m. and put him straight to a nasal cannula!!! He hated that tube down his throat and was very aware of it. He tried to pull it out so many times. He'll be much happier this way, you can even see his face! BUT he is working so hard to breath. You can see the contractions in his chest and his breathing is very labored. Please say a prayer for this little boy, I would HATE to see them have to re-intubate him. He's very close to going either way...
so little
Nurse Jackie sat him up to try and calm him down. She had tried everything else to get him to stop crying, and of course we thought he was so cute!


  1. Sweet boy. How was he last night? We will absolutely pray for him.

  2. on behalf of Jim Geyer

    Geyer!........Give me 25!!!‏

    Jake, Kellie!

    Glad to hear that Mitchell is doing good off of the respirator! New "D.I." doc on the block with a power wean!

    Go Mitchell, go! (Just like the old days. Eh, Jake?) We are cheering with tears in our eyes for little Mitchell and you guys!