Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 at a glance

Jansen is just darling!  He is growing up so fast!  First day of school back from Christmas break and he just looked like a little man to me!
We love our cats!
Reesa and Cami begging for a playdate together...
Fun with the Kendall's at the park
Reesa holding Olivia on her lap.  It was so cute seeing her being a little mom.
Jumping at Skywalk with the kids!  They love it there and always beg to go back!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reesa & I go to Virginia

For Chelsey's birthday, Reesa and I got to fly to Virginia.  Our first big trip together!!!  It was so much fun getting to spend sometime with the Gregory's and Reesa!  We did so many fun things... Here are some of the highlights!

SNOW DAY!!!!  Brinley and Reesa went sledding in the wild...

We made lots of yummy dinners...
Tyler is growing up so fast!
Celebrated with dinner at Red Robbin for Chelsey's birthday!

Waiting at kidmed to have Reesa checked out for a fever with a rash while Jake is in California nursing Jansen with the same illness! 
She had poison ivy... thought is was a scary rash... but just painful.  Yay Virginia!

Reesa begged and begged to go iceskating!  Rylee and Brinley have been taking lessons, so it worked out perfectly!

And this is what Chelsey did the whole time... ha ha
Went to Cheesecake Factory with Brie and Chelsey during happy hour and just ordered appetizers!  So yummy!!!

Remember this place?  Had to stop by and say hi to our old house...
Some of the Valentine crafts we made.

Meanwhile, back at home... dad was taking care of the boys!!!  Jansen requesting his crazy animal pancakes...
 and Mitchell getting to eat in the family room!!!

Jansen got sick and actually took a nap!

At the airport, getting ready to come home.

More fun at the airpot.
Reesa is getting so big!  We bought those matching neck pillows for the plane ride out here.  So fun to use!  I left my ipad on the plane out here and went back to get it and GONE!!!  So sad.  I tried track my ipad, but whoever took it was too smart and reset it with in an hour.   My kids we ADDICTED to it, so maybe it was for the best... Just a really expensive lesson to learn...