Monday, October 31, 2011


 I was lucky enough to go to Lousiana for Paw-paw Whitney's funeral, a family reunion, (out of 36 grandkids, all but 4 were there!) and a walk down memory lane!  Jake stayed home and watched the kids so I could go!  He is such a super dad!
 My dad in front of paw-paws home.  My plane ticket was $1150!  The most I have ever even heard of spending on a plane ticket!  But I was unable to attend Maw-maw Whitney's funeral and wanted to have that healing and closure.  So we decided it was worth it the money to not regret it the rest of my life and I am SO GLAD I went!

Chelsey, Whitney, Megan, Me

 My family, mom & dad, Nathan, Chelsey, and me
The grandkids that were around when it was time to take a picture...

 Nathan, Chelsey, Erin, Opal, and Chloie  we went out and got grits and eggs with SHRIMP!  yum!
 Me & Chelsey

 Uncle Ricky letting us all pick out un-cut rubies...$$$$!
 Me and Tania

Nathan, holding an alligator!

It's so nice to have family and I was so happy to be able to go and see mine!  It had been years since I had seen many of them, but it always feels like home when you're together!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween party!

Jake's sister Allison is so creative, she throws an amazing Halloween party every year, and 2011 we down for it.  Jake and I went as the "tooth"- "fairy." We also had a witch, bat, and skelton.

 Jim and Lenora, superfan, and I love Lucy.
 Some of the amazing decorations Allison painted... Jansen and cousin Clark modeling...
 Jim, Cameron, and Jake
 Girls in Jake's family Lynsey, Lenora, Allison, and me!
 Jake won the donut on a string eating contest!!!  I'm so proud!
 Cousin Katie and Reesa
I'm always sad at the lack of pictures I come home with.  There were so many cute costumes, and decorations, how did I not get pictures of them all???  I guess that's what happens when you're taking care of babies!  :)