Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 7

Mitchell's bilirubin count goes down to 13.2 so they take him off the photo light and use a bilirubin blanket. This is the first time he has ever been swaddled and as you can tell, he LOVES it! Here is he fast asleep.
They are slowly taking him off the Fentayl (the drug used to sedate him) and he is more alert and awake. It's so fun to see this cute little face!
All the cords he's attached to...
One of our favorite nurses Bonnie. She is so great and lets us ask as many questions as we want and tells us everything we're wondering. She never gets annoyed.
So excited to see this little boy awake!!!
Jake gets to hold Mitchell for the first time while they change his bedding. (it's really not holding, more like lifting him up.)
What a great birthday present!
My turn... you can also see the pink "snoogle" they gave us that picks up my scent, and I wear it everytime I go to visit. They also started him on breast milk through a feeding tube. If you look really hard it's the new orange tube in his mouth. They'll feed him 6 cc every 3 hours and to see how he tolerates it.

Tuesday was a really hard day. Mitchell didn't do well over night, and they only had bad news to tell us. His PICC line failed and he got 3 new IV's in his head because they tried and couldn't get them anywhere else. (I didn't want to know that after seeing all the bruising on his arms and legs) They were worried about pushing him off the Nitrate too fast and having him fall into a downward spiral that they couldn't pull him out of. We spent most of the day worried and crying over this little boy.

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  1. I think about you guys ALL THE TIME. I'm glad you're updating how things are going. The post that shows you holding Mitchell for the first time totally made me want to cry. I can't imagine never getting to hold your sweet new baby! I'm glad Mitchell is improving and I'm counting down the days for you till he gets to go home! Oh, and in the 3rd picture in this post, I totally see Jansen in Mitchell! Love it!! Good luck with everything! XOXO