Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 18 Saturday

We started Mitchell's baby massage, and boy does he love it!
We're only doing arms right now, but it's so fun to get to touch him. I love it!
Look what dad finally got to do...! Here's Jake holding Mitchell for the first time.
Who do you think loved it more, baby?...
or dad?
What a great day for everyone!
We're back to watching these
I had to post a picture of Annie. She came here to help us out and spoiled my kids! Reesa asked me every morning where her "friend" was. Annie packed fun activities for the kids to do and kept them entertained ALL day! She was so cute, she brought water color books, new balls, play dough, stickers, bubbles, etc. She even understood when my kids acted up, cried non-stop, AND even when Jansen bit her! (sorry Annie!) Annie cooked for us, and cleaned non-stop. She even cleaned my shower (yuck!) and oven for me. I feel so spoiled to have a friend like that!

Here's little "Jansey pants" enjoying and icee.

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