Monday, March 28, 2011


Mitchell's surgery is scheduled for this FRIDAY! This will stop his reflux and hopefully help keep us out of the hospital in the future. We're going back to the hospital for 3 -10 days. Wish us luck! (and lots of blessings).

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hospital Stay

We're finally home after being in the hospital for almost 2 weeks!!! Does it look like I'm ready to go home?
Sweet baby Mitchell got pneumonia for the second time this year. Poor baby.
This is what everyone else was doing while we were in the hospital...
I must give a special thanks to my in-laws, Jim and Lenora, for dropping everything the second we called, and driving up to stay with our kids and to help us out at the hospital. It never would have gone so smoothly with out them there.

I had some wonderful amazing experiences with Mitchell. As I was sitting with him, doing nothing but caring for HIM, I thought how lucky I was to be able to have 10 days (this was on day 10) where all I do is think about, care for, and love Mitchell. Who gets that kind of opportunity with their two year old??? I never got that with my other kids...(AND I never got that with Mitchell as a newborn!) I had him all to myself, didn't have ANYTHING else to do, and I knew that my other kids were being loved and cared for by their grandparents.

Jake told me how Mitchell is our "direct ticket to the Celestial Kingdom," so why wouldn't we want him around us all the time to help us get back home? We need to hold tight to him, and appreciate every chance he gives us to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. I also realized that our life with Mitchell is going to be full of trips to the hospital where we continually wonder when he his going to head home with out us. He is such a sweet, special baby that I feel so lucky to call mine. It won't be easy, but nothing of value is, right?

We were so grateful this wasn't Mitchell's time to go, and that we have him around for a little bit longer. What a special miracle Mitchell is. We are so thankful to a Heavenly Father to has given us this precious little boy.

Finally, Jake texted me this quote from our speaker on Sunday.

"Sometimes we think that life is just not fair, or this is not what we thought our lives would be like. And that's OK. It is through those circumstances that we come to know our Savior."

I think that describes our feelings as parents exactly! Life isn't fair, it's not what we wanted or planned, but really that's the only way we will get to know and become like our Savior. We all have something in our lives we didn't plan, or want but our Heavenly Father knows what we need, and He is there helping us along.