Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 12 Sunday

We went in this morning to see Mitchell, and it doesn't look like the Sildenafil has done anything yet. He didn't have a good night and they had to bump up all this levels. ONE great thing, they are feeding him 30 cc every 3 hours, so he doesn't need an IV anymore!!! We're so happy about that. They have moved him back to low stimulation to help his saturation levels. So the ear muffs are back and no more touching (or holding!) Worried dad studies the monitors
Trying to go to sleep

They bumped up the oxygen to 54, but had it down to 39 by the time we left... that's a good sign
Hungry Mitchell?
(They cut the binki's to fit around his feeding tube, we had to laugh)


  1. What a sweet little boy! Those binkis crack me up. Emma's binky was the same way. Aren't nurses so smart?

  2. You are so strong, Kellie. I am sitting here crying for you (literally, the kids don't know why I am crying while reading the computer). I wish I were there for you and all your kiddo's. We miss you, and we will start praying asap!!! I hope he gets to come home soon.