Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Fun

Summer 2011 was packed! We enjoyed so much stuff... like splurging and getting ice-cream at the zoo (all dad's idea)

Reesa and Jake got to go horse back riding with the Kendall's around this beautiful lake! They had so much fun. Reesa rode all by herself and wasn't scared a bit. Jake was so proud. These are the pictures they texted me.

yep, still got it...
found out Mitchell is allergic to milk. Look at the size of that hive!
Jake and I went on a date up at Bass lake inspired by Twilight...
Aunt Chelsey came to visit and most our pictures got erased!!! boo-hoo.
Brinley came too

We stopped at this beautiful field of flowers in Gilroy and took photos and bought the best fruit EVER!!!!! (all picts erased but one, Jake needs his own camera for work)
We dropped Chelsey off at the San Francisco Airpot and took the kids to China town.
and bought lots

and lots of junk...
We had Jansen's hearing tested. He's fine.
Grandma and Grandpa Geyer came for Grandparent's day on short notice. It was so fun!
Exploring Coarsegold historical museum.
Jansen got in that old wheelchair and said, "look I'm Angelina!" (a girl he likes from school who's in a wheel chair) It took us a while to figure out what he meant, because you could hardly tell that was a wheelchair.