Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 19 Sunday

Mitchell had a good night, so they decided it was time to make him work harder... They moved him back to a nasal cannula. Look at how cute he is!!!
Although I know it's good for him, and the only thing to make him better, it is SO HARD to watch him struggle so much. You can just see the retractions in his chest with every breath. So of course I spent the morning crying for him.
Annie finally got to come and meet Mitchell. She probably won't see him again until he's much bigger!
Annie told me before she left Reesa said, "good-bye Hannah and gave her a big hug." I guess everyone Reesa loves is called Hannah. Annie also said she felt she had made good progress with Jansen because Annie was sitting and Jansen came up behind her, put his head on her shoulder and gave her a big hug. We're all going to miss you Annie! Thanks for leaving your girls AND your husband (on Father's Day) to help us out.

Here's the most disappointing sign I found today at the NICU. I called before I came, got there and was told to wait a few minutes, went to pump and was told to come back in 10 minutes. When I came 20 minutes later I saw this...
It's so heart breaking because you know this means there is a baby not doing well, needing everyone's attention, and you just hope it's not your baby!


  1. I'm glad jake got to hold him! it sounds like your friend was a big help, so nice. i wish i could come do the same thing!

  2. Jake and kellie I love you guys so much. I wish I was able to be there for you two. I know this is so hard. I love the picture of Mitchell you just posted. I can see what a darling little boy he is! we are constatly praying for you all. we love you!

  3. What an angel baby! Kellie, Jake- we love you both so much and that precious little boy. We think about you all day and hope and pray for your family. It is so hard what you are asked to go through right now. I am so sorry. I feel so much for you and remember how hard it was with Emma. Hang in there. We love you. Please call if you need to. I will be there if you need me. Love you, Hannah