Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Last Sunday we lost our little sweet niece Emma. Thanks to some amazing and wonderful friends who watched our kids, Jake and I were both able to fly with Mitchell out to the funeral in Alabama. To be honest with you I cannot believe how healing this funeral was. It was so wonderful. Lynsey made a comment about how the spirit is so strong at a funeral, sometimes even stronger than the temple. As I've thought about that I think maybe it's because everyone is so broken and humble everyone is looking for an answer. About a zillion prayers were said, and everyone is so loving. You could feel Emma there, and Hannah kept saying Emma was there keeping her strong.

Spencer and Hannah are amazing parents. They had the sweetest little girl Emma, who reflected their love for her. I am so sad for our loss. It feels so unfair to lose this 21 month old so suddenly. But Spencer and Hannah gave Emma the best life. Emma was so lucky to have them as her parents because they loved her as much as they could every day of her life. Emma was just too perfect for this world she had to move on before the rest of us. AND she has a whole little clan of friends there already (Audrey, Ethan, Bethany, Caleb, and many more I'm sure). We love and miss you Emma.

I have so many cute photos of Emma, but since I got a new computer I'm having a hard time finding them.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Can you guess who came to visit?

I saw this on the kitchen counter and didn't even have to move ANYTHING to take this picture. I don't like soda, but I must admit I LOVE desserts!!!
Simone's kids were off track from school, so she talked my mom into driving out here with her kids to visit. Did you guess it right? Sue and Simone.

Beckhem, Remy, Reesa, Caprice, and Saige (kitten Belle)
I have a tray ceiling in our dining room that Simone was dying to paint. Well we chose a color similar so it wouldn't be too bold, and it wasn't. You can't even tell a difference unless you look. All that hard for just for us to have to do it again next time you visit...
Then I had to include this... I found Jansen behind the island in the kitchen eating a watermelon just like this... It was so funny, his face was covered in juice, he really needed a spoon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Somebody got glasses!

Look at my baby boy Mitchell! Isn't he cute?

We think he loves his new shades. He looks right at you, and I think it's obvious he can see better. He has a few scratches on his nose, but I've never really seen him try to get them off.

Several people asked Jake on Sunday if Mitchell's glasses were real. We got a big kick out of that. Really, what parent uses glasses as an accessory for a baby??? (I guess they do look like of fake!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy kids

Reesa really wanted to be in a photo with DAD AND MITCHELL. She was so mad I couldn't get it right, so after I finally got all the conditions perfect here's her best smile. Awww... aren't they sweet?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My little swimmers!

We have had the best summer, and I have so much to blog about... BUT there are several reasons why I haven't been

SO... yesterday both Jansen AND Reesa swam across our pool UNDERWATER! Yep that's right. I've got 2 fish. The last few times we've been swimming I've been thinking Jansen was blowing bubbles. He doesn't cough when he comes up, but I didn't know if it was just luck. Well yesterday I just kept taking a step back and having him swim further. He loves it, and would swim back to the ladder just as quickly as he swam to me. It wasn't until I was far enough away that he had to take a breath and go back under before he got to me that I KNEW he was swimming. Well of course I yelled for Jake to come watch and we made such a big deal about it, Reesa wanted to show us she could swim too.

Reesa's been able to doggie paddle across the pool for quite a while, but she decided to put her face in the water and swim too. It was so AWESOME!!!

Other news, Jansen threw our computer on the floor and it broke so I haven't blogged, who wants to blog without pictures? He also threw our TV on the floor and now it's half black & white and half color. And yesterday he threw our toilet lid on the floor and it broke. No, not the toilet lid, the porcelain tank lid. This kid doesn't know his own strenght!