Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pioneer Day

Our ward had a super fun Pioneer Day at the Veater's Ranch. A live petting zoo for the kids, lots and lots of food, fun games, and a bonfire with camp songs.
My kids had so much fun.

I think the highlight of the night (for everyone but us) was Jansen locking himself in the port-a-potty with 2 other 3 year olds. It took 10 minutes to get them out, and I don't think they had enough hand sanitizer to make anyone feel better!

Finally Jake had been begging me to go on a family campout all summer, but I just had too much anxiety about taking Mitchell. He's up every 2-3 hours in a house, I can't imagine in a tent. Well Jake suggested taking the 2 older kids, and they had a great time. They found a place 20 minutes from our house at Bass Lake. Maybe next year we'll all be able to go...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alseep, alseep.

Oh, so precious! I don't know why I think it's so funny when my kids fall asleep in their high chair. But it's finally Mitchell's turn to accomplish this task!

Mother of the year, again.

I don't know why I insist on ruining my chances with mother of the year... I walk into the kitchen to find Jansen with THIS knife trying to help himself to a slice of watermelon. As you can see, I haven't shown him the proper way to cut a watermelon.

Seriously? Reesa never did (does) things like this. Jansen helps himself to whatever he wants. He sees you do something once, you better believe he learned how to do it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mitchell gets a trim

Are you wondering how I gave Mitchell his first hair cut? I laid him on his stomach and he was TRAPPED!
That's one thing made easy when you have a baby who can't move. :)
And yes I did cut his beautiful curls! I met another child who I'm guessing hasn't had a hair cut, and that's all the motivation I needed to finally give my boy a trim.

I cried. I never cried with my other 2 kids. I guess part of me doesn't want this baby to grow up after all.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Geyer Family Reunion

We planned a vacation to visit Jake's family that started a little early when his Grandma Verda Westbrook passed away. I flew down to AZ with Mitchell while Jake and the other 2 kids made the 12 hour drive. Am I spoiled? No way, I think I had the harder job... Poor Mitchell, he hates leaving our home.

I had forgotten how healing funerals can be. It was so nice to be there, I am so grateful our entire family was able to make it. Even though I had only met Grandma Westbrook a handful of times, I knew that she loved and cared for me. I felt a special bond with her at that viewing that I will never forget.

I asked Jake to take some pictures, and these are the random ones we came home with.
Me and Hannah's baby Elsie
Cameron and baby Jane
Hannah and Lynsey
Katie, Jansen and Reesa

Being in AZ with so much family was a blast! One of the best parts was a community pool that we rented so that all of the family could be together and swim. (And let me tell you, there was a ton of family!) SO FUN! It was so hot there that at 7 pm it was finally the perfect time to go to the pool.
Reesa with 2nd cousins, McKenna, and Madison. She had so much fun with these girls. They took Reesa everywhere with them, and we enjoyed the break!!! Here's the ONLY picture we have.

We drove back to Temecula and spent the next 5 days with just Jake's immediately family. We did lots...swimming, Sea World, crafts, Angels/Dodgers game, family pictures, Oceanside beach, bonfire, family testimony meeting and made lots of memories.

Grandpa Geyer wanted the boys and grandsons to go to a baseball game together. I didn't think Jansen could handle being up that late so I asked Jake not to take him. Well, Jake is such a great dad, he wanted to be able to spend time with his family as well as with his kids, so he let Reesa come (the only girl). It was really special for her.
Well Here's Mitchell finally getting to play with some friends... the newborns! Elsie and Todd were great company as the three of them loved to lay under his mat together.
Jim finally got his family photo...
Here's a typical day of Reesa. She has so much fashion. She seriously spends 10 minutes meticulously choosing her accessories. Nothing is just thrown on, or slapped together. I tried, and tried to stop her. After lots of fighting we finally agreed, I choose her outfit for Sunday, and she picks the other days...