Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fire Girl

While at the NICU tonight we received a phone call to come home ASAP. When Jake got home he found out the kids had started a fire!!! Here's the culprit...
The kids explained what happened when Jansen threw the green ball into the lamp.
Jansen's words..."duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh..." that's about it.
Reesa's words, "mommy we started a fire with the green ball!" She was so proud.
Poor Grandma Sue didn't think it was funny. She said she left the room for a minute, and when she came back the flames were two feet high, all the alarms were going off. She unplugged the lamp, bolted to the front door, and proceeded to trip over the lamp while the flames continued on. She threw the lamp down the steps and hosed it down... while Jansen ran away, and Reesa danced around asking to do it again. They thought it was AWESOME!

Just a normal day at the Geyer house!
I deal with this everyday and no one will even believe it!
This kid is a real juggernaut! Check out those bruises...

Jansen's war cry.

Skin to skin time with mom. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to cry. Mitchell is so sweet and cuddly. Even though he has many uncomfortable things hooked up to him, he falls right asleep in my arms EVERY TIME!
Our nurse Kim called this "packed and ready to ship!" She couldn't get Mitchell to settle down so she filled his bed with blankets so he couldn't wiggle around. Then she took these pictures for me since we couldn't be there to show us how much he liked it!
Grandma Sue got to visit Mitchell

Dad got to give Mitchell a name and a blessing last night. It was such a special experience. The NICU made an exception for us, and let Aaron and Chelsey come to the bedside.
(Only 2 allowed at a time)

Update: Mitchell's condition has remained the same, if anything has worsened some. They have had to increase his pressure on the CPAP and considering putting him back on the ventilator. Ughh. Yesterday I spoke with the cardiologist who told us that Mitchell's PDA is very HUGE. It's the same size as his pulmonary artery. It's not causing many problems now, but as the weeks go by it could become a serious problem. They are recommending we have it surgically ligated. Typically this is a simple procedure, that has a very successful outcome. HOWEVER, 2 reasons why this is very serious for Mitchell. #1. The PDA is a very large size and when closed could substantially increase the pressure in his lungs. #2. He already has bad lungs and they are going to have to temporarily deflate one side to get to the PDA. They don't know how this stress to his body will make him react. He has never responded well to any stress, making this procedure life-threatening.

This surgery is usually done by a pediatric surgeon, but the cardiologist felt Mitchell needed someone more specialized. She spoke with a pediatric cardio-thoracic surgeon at the University of Virginia and asked if he would consider doing this surgery. Since he is the only specialist in the state of Virginia, he hand picks his cases. After reviewing Mitchell's echo he agreed to do it!!!

Mitchell will be transported to UVA (70 miles away) as soon as a bed becomes available there. We will have one hours notice. The plan... we don't exactly know at this point. I want to go and stay with Mitchell at UVA, but still have 2 other kids to care for.

This was a very hard and scary decision to make. The cardiologist cried with me, and told me this decision would make any mother cry. We are so scared for Mitchell, but remain convinced that he has a special purpose here on this earth. It's up to the Lord how long he will be with us. He has been a tremendous blessing to our family already. We feel so lucky to be his parents.

When talking to Jake, we realized we have never before felt so strong when facing a challenge. We honestly feel that it is because so many people are praying for our family. We feel strengthened and loved daily. It truly does make a difference. Thank you so very much.


  1. Kellie & Jake, I want you to know that I'm praying and thinking of you and Mitchell everyday. Barb

  2. You are taking wonderful care of your sweet sweet baby. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

  3. Jake & Kellie, Tom and I just want you to know how much we love you guys and how you are always in our thought and prayers.

  4. I'm so glad that you got to give him a name and a blessing. What a special moment. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, and especially Mitchell at this time.

  5. I cannot even imagine the emotions you are feeling at this time. My heart is aching for you. I am so glad Mitchell was able to receive his baby blessing; a moment to always be cherished I'm sure. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always and especially little Mithcell. What a sweet baby and he is so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

  6. We love you all so much and wish we could be there to help and comfort you. We pray for Mitchell all the time. We are so impressed by how strong your family has been during all of this. Mitchell is so blessed to have come to such a wonderful, loving family.

  7. It is your strength that will help Mitchell get through this. He is a very cute baby, and feels your immense love for him. He even has a very cute bum. We love you guys.
    (Tell Jansen no more balls in the house!)

  8. You guys are amazing! What a tough act to juggle with kids at home and back and forth to the hospital, all the while worrying and waiting for the next bit of news. Your little family is in our prayers.

  9. Hi Kellie and Jake,

    I just found your blog. I can not believe what you are going through. I know you are being uplifting by prayers and I am sending mine your way. I don't know what else to write, but know that many people are praying for you and your sweet baby Mitchell and love you! Angie Kelly

  10. Kellie- My prayers are with you. You sounds so strong. We will keep updated with your posts!

  11. Jake and Kellie,
    I am so sorry for this scary decision. That is such a difficult thing to do. We love you so much. Thank you for keeping us posted. Let us know when the surgery is so we can fast for Mitchell and your family. He truly is a special boy, here for a special purpose. We love you.

  12. Jake & Kellie,

    You guys truly are amazing, I can't even imagine how hard this would be. Your family is beautiful. I will keep you all in my prayers

    Kim Roberts

  13. Jake and Kellie,

    Thanks for letting us know how busy your life has been. I had a talk with the kids, and I let them know that we should pray for you guys. I had always thought that you guys were strong; I am glad that your strength is still holding.
    Adam Howlett

  14. Kellie,
    I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful little guy. You are amazing! Your family will be in our prayers.
    Amy Cochran

  15. Dear Jake and Kellie,
    We are so saddened by the news that Mitchell needs open-heart surgery. We know, however, that Heavenly Father's comforting spirit will be with you, your family and the medical team. We pray for him each day and for you as his parents to be able and strong during this ordeal. We LOVE you, Kellie, always have and always will. We are SO GLAD that Grandma Sue was there to save the house!! Sue I should have driven you to Kellie's home. What an adventure that would have been! Your children are DARLING and they are SO blessed to have the parents that they have. Heavenly Father let them hit the Mother Lode!
    Again, We LOVE you and we KNOW that things will go well and Heavenly Father will bless you and surround you with comfort and sustaining energy to keep you going. We always keep track of you and your family through Bill and Sue and please know that you are ALWAYS in our thoughts and prayers.

    Judd and Judy Kemp

  16. Jake and Kelllie,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your little one. You are in our prayers. Please let us know if you have a fast.

    Jill Snyder

  17. Jake and Kellie,
    Tears were running down my face when I read your post. What a big thing for such a little baby to go through. Rob and I will be praying for your son and your family. Please let us know if you do a fast, we would love to help. You are so positive and amazing!
    Kristine Watterson

  18. Kellie - I'm so sorry to hear about the stress with your sweet baby Mitchell. We are praying for you here too! Love you, Rachelle Lee

  19. I got your email this week about Mitchell and I haven't checked the blog in a long time so I had no idea what was going on. Mitchell and your family are in our thoughts and prayers! Please let me know if you need anything - we're just on the other side of DC, so not too far away. I'll be checking the blog regularly to see how Mitchell is doing. He is such a cute little man and what a tough one too!! Please let us know if you're doing a fast for him.

    Kathy and Kirk