Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Build a Bear

Last Friday we took our kids to build a bear. It was so much fun. I didn't think Jansen should make a bear since he wouldn't care anyway, but Jake insisted. Jansen was SO MAD! He kept yelling no, and didn't want to do anything but have me hold him. Well, Jake picked a bear for him and Reesa stuffed it. We made Jansen put the satin heart inside, they sewed the bear up, and Jansen spent the rest of the time screaming while trying to stuff another heart in. He took about 30 hearts and tried and tried.

Reesa was so indecisive (just like her mother) and spent 20 minutes deciding what bear to make. Jake finally picked a few and told her she had to choose one the four. She picked pink (with lots of help). We tried really hard to let her dress her own bear, and she chose a pink dress for a pink bear, with red shoes, purple bows, and a hello kitty purse. I bit my tongue.

Jansen was still crying, Jake named his bear "Gno" since that's the only word Jansen would tell him. I picked an outfit, sat on the floor with Jansen on my lap and dressed the bear. I'm sure every person in that store was looking at me holding my screaming kid trying to have him help me dress a bear. As soon as I put the Jacket on the bear, I showed Jansen how he could put all his hearts into the jacket. And WA-LA suddenly Jansen loved his bear.
It was SO CUTE seeing Jansen carry his own bear box all the way to the car. In the past there was so way Jansen could carry something that far!!! He'd lose interest and drop it.
I wanted to get a photo of our bears today, of course Jansen yelled no. So I took a picture of Reesa, then Jansen sat where she was, grabbed the bears and told me cheese. So I took a picture of him too.
It's not a smile but he thinks it is.
And finally guess who's already at the mall???

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Halloween Finally

It's always so random to see what pictures we get when Jake's in charge of the camera. Yes we did dress up for our ward halloween party. We ordered toothbrushes at the last minute to give away, I was sad they didn't have our business' logo on them (free advertising, right?) Next year we'll be sure to plan ahead. Don't worry we gave out candy too!
Jake was a hit! He had a great time making the kids dance to "Thriller" and do all sorts of silly things to get candy and a toothbrush. There were 15 kids at our car most of the time since they couldn't just keep on running to the next car.
Reesa next to someone else's pumpkin? She had the cutest little witch costume with a matching purple hat. Where is that hat?
Jansen had the perfect costume he couldn't take off! He LOVED all the candy, and didn't want to keep going. He just wanted to eat it right away. I guess he knew the parent tax was pretty steep this year! So we went back to our car and watched dad entertain everybody instead.
Mitchell of course was perfect. He slept in the stroller most of the night.

The rest of Utah va-kay

We went to Uncle Nathan's house for dessert and a quick visit. Although I didn't get one picture of him... Here's Kassie, Jude, me, and Mitchy
Reesa and Gage
And little Jude totally snuggled up with Jake. It was so cute!
Mitchell wasn't this mad, but he sure looks unhappy here. These boys are 2 weeks apart.
So this is what happens when you use several camera's to take pictures. Here's the rest from our fun Halloween day at the U.
Jansen and his FAVORITE movie characters (really Buzz)
Me and Jansen
Benson and Papa Bill
Jansen, Beckhem, Remy all ready to go. What a fun day.

PS... the funniest part was seeing the pictures of our budding photographer. Reesa took Jake's cell phone and with out us knowing took over a hundred pictures of the drive home. Here's just a few.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Still in an infant carseat? it's just too easy for travel, sorry Mitchell.

Pumpkin Patch

I went with Reesa's preschool on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. We learned about how pumpkins grow, went on a hay ride, then we each picked out a pumpkin.
As we were leaving we bought a bag of walnuts. I kind of thought it would be cool to show Reesa how to open them, and to find the nut inside. Well, we don't have a nut cracker, but we have walnut ALL OVER my car and house now. I find several new ones everyday! I'm just so smart!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update on Mitchell

Mitchell is 17 months old today. Where did the time go? The other day I saw a 16 month old boy running and playing and driving his mother crazy and I just squeezed my baby boy tighter. I'm not sure I could handle another active little Jansen right now and was just so thankful to have my 17 month newborn!

Mitchell is doing AWESOME!!! He has made some great progress (that I am so proud of) in the past few weeks. He is REACHING and HOLDING toys. I'm sorry to say, I really thought that would never happen. It has been so intense working those muscles for over a year now, with VERY LITTLE improvement, and now it seems like overnight he can do it, and does it all the time!!!
Mitchell had a great day this morning with physical therapy as he sat for a few seconds!!! I know isn't he cute? Barb is amazing and gets Mitchell to do all sorts of things. We LOVE her!
Oh, those arm and leg things Mitchell is wearing??? He got those yesterday, they are supposed to help stimulate his muscles and joints when he moves and get him to increase movement. He'll wear 'em one week on, then one week off. Jake said "one more thing to help the special kid look more special!"

Mitchell is such a sweet baby. He has no stranger anxiety and will let anybody hold him. I try not to let it hurt my feelings, BUT I do think he recognizes my voice. He loves to be patted and bounced, only while standing. He's about 22 pounds, and is SO HEAVY. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hold him... He loves toys with lights and soft sounds. He lets us lay him flat on the floor and he'll kick and be happy about it. It's so cute. He's eating baby food 1-2 times a day, but it's very difficult to feed him. He gets very upset if there's too much noise, or just b/c some reason we don't know... so I never attempt with out another adult present. Jake is a pro at feeding and putting him to bed. AND Jake is the one who gets up with Mitchell during the night. (I'm helping Jansen and Reesa, gosh nobody sleeps around here!) BUT last night Mitchell slept through the entire night and didn't wake up once!!! I'm sure it won't last, but it's a start, right?