Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea World June 2011

This summer we went to Sea World with Jake's brother and his family. It was AWESOME!!! My kids are at the perfect age where everything they do is so fun. They LOVE animals, and the shows were amazing.
Jansen could not stop hugging this walrus. I remember when Reesa did that to the Easter Bunny at age one!!!
Seriously after the first dolphin show we went to I felt we had gotten our money's worth. $125 for 2 adult tickets, we had coupons for the kids to get in free.
Jansen is in LOVE with these squishy toys, lovingly nick named "bugs." He carries them everywhere and will do anything for one. Well, he found a "penguin bug," the perfect souvenir.
This walrus put on a great show for the kids, spitting out his food and eating it over and over.
I wanted to include this picture, Jake carrying Mitchell almost the entire day, Reesa dancing everywhere we went, and Jansen sporting his 4th pair of shorts for the day (not potty trained yet!) Man we are busy parents.
We did get a great family photo. Can you see how hard we worked to finally get just one?! At least Jake and I have smiles.
What a fun trip!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Before I forget..

Jake: Reesa you know the reason those cows are running from us is because they think you'll eat them.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

Jake's birthday was AWESOME this year! He hosted (invited) the Elder's Quorum activity at our house and the kids and I had to leave. I realized I couldn't celebrate his birthday ALL WEEK LONG, (he kept telling me we would celebrate the following night) so we surprised him by having a lunch party. We ate pizza at the only place in town, and I wrapped presents, made lemon bars, and we celebrated!
The best part was I got off scott free!!! I didn't feel pressured, b/c Jake planned his own party, and all those men spoiled him by bringing cakes, cheesecake, and all sorts of food. It was perfect.

Jake does a lot in our family. He goes to work everyday with a great attitude. I can't even remember a time he complained to me about it. He loves his job. He will do any odd job for me, as long as I make a list for him. This consists of take van in for brake repairs, change tires on jogging stroller, pay bills, call babysitter, hang shower curtain, etc. He is a hard worker, and always finishes what he starts. He has way too much energy... He has the most special bond with Mitchell. That little boy has Jake wrapped around his finger. Anything Mitchy does Jake thinks is the cutest thing ever! Jake can always get Mitchell to eat, and Mitchell cries the second he hears his voice (because he knows Jake will pick him up and love on him!) Jake takes the night shift with Mitchell and gets up with him EVERY night. We're going on 2 years with a newborn. He's a wonderful dad, and we know we're so lucky to have him. Happy 32 Jake!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Preschool Graduate!

Our little Reesa graduated preschool. She is so cute and precious. We are going to miss YLCP and all the great teachers there. Reesa got a hug everyday (and probably a kiss too knowing Reesa) from all four of her teachers. She loves crafts, art, and stories.

My favorite part of the program was when it was her turn to blow out her candle and after 3 attempts she covered her face to stop herself from crying. Instead of laughing that the candle didn't go out, she took it very serious. It was especially cute to see her compose herself and try again.
Reesa is an awesome big sister. She has so much patience with her brothers. Not long ago she told me was going to marry Jansen. When I asked her, "you want to marry Jansen even though he just took your food and then hit you?"

She replied, "Mom he's learning to be nice. We have to teach him!"

Such a sweet forgiving heart. Later I told her she couldn't marry Jansen and she said, "Oh, alright. I'll marry Mitchell!"

Mitchell turns 2!

Mitchell's birthday was a lot harder for me than I care to admit. I cried almost every time someone asked me about it. What an emotional day. It's so hard not look at all he's unable to do, and what he cannot become. I know I should be thankful that I still have him, and I am. But that doesn't really make his future easy to accept.
Mitchell is the SWEETEST baby. He coos, and LOVES to be held and snuggled. He smiles at times, can grab ahold of toys for 1-5 seconds. Favorite toys are lights, music (prefers baby Einstein) and he loves measuring spoons! He rolls over occasionally, and can sit with lots of support. Loves the swing outside and taking a bath in his bath chair. He eats puree baby foods, (still makes himself gag if you're not careful) and fruits are definitely his favorite. We go to therapy twice a week for PT (physical therapy) and OT (occupational therapy) and have in home therapy twice a week. I am one educated mom!
I have to admit Mitchell still struggles with being happy and probably cries 6 hours a day. He wakes up usually twice a night, and it takes 15-60 min. to get him back in bed. We've been wrapping him really tight again, and he's slept through the night twice in the last 2 weeks!

We had a little party at the park for Mitchy and my friends really pulled through for me. It's so hard not to feel like a bad mom, or really want to do things for someone who doesn't care. I made cupcakes, and Mitchell scored on the gifts. Pictures to come...

I really wanted Mitchell to get to eat something special for his b-day so we made PUDDING. I recorded this video, so you can see how absolutely sweet Mitchell is. He is so precious, and we are so lucky to have this sweet little boy in our home, I had to share part of him with you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pictures from Mitchy's party in the park.

Mitchell's birthday party at the park.
Mitchell leading the music
Some of the friends who showed up
Cami and Reesa in their cute matching skirts. (Reesa sporting the 4 layer look! She ALWAYS wears a longsleve shirt, a skirt, and leggins. This is going to be one hOt summer.)