Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 10 Friday

We had lots of good news today! They turned off Mitchell's heating bed and are now letting him try to regulate his own body temperature. They moved his feedings to 25 cc every 3 hours, growing boy needs more food!

I didn't get to hold him today. They tried 4 new IV's in his head and didn't want to risk this one going out. BUT they gave him his own little stereo playing classical music. His muscles are very rigid, (he can't straighten his arm without pushing on his elbow) So they will wait until next week to start physical therapy, and I will learn exercises for him to do as well as some infant massage. How exciting!!!
His gases came back great and they now have his Oxygen at 27 and Nitric at 3. I'm posting the monitors so I don't have to write every detail.
He has come such a long way. I asked the Dr. if Mitchell was even sick anymore, he laughed and said "my how your standards have changed. Most parents would freak out to see a baby on a ventalator, let alone call him healthy." He told me now we're just polishing the edges, and the last hardship he needs to over come is eating...


  1. Oh, Kellie... I'm glad he's doing a little better today. I'm sure this has been such a scary thing for you. I don't know how you are holding it all together! Mitchell seems to be in such good hands. He's had a rough, first couple of days but look how far he's come! Such progress. We'll keep you and him in our prayers. He is sure cute even hooked up to all those machines and he looks all snuggly and peaceful. I can't wait for you to bring him home. Hang in there! You are doing so great!

  2. Hi Kellie, I'm so glad that little Mitchell is getting better everyday. He's such a cute litle baby. Sounds like he'll be going home very soon, at the progress he's making. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and your family. Barb Turley (I worked with you at Dr. B's dental office)!

  3. Yeah, he's doing great! What a tough little guy and making his mommy so proud. Those head IV's are so hard; that's what Megan had b/c they couldn't ever get one anywhere else. The feeding thing will come. If you want to nurse, don't let anyone tell you you can't or shouldn't; it too will come with time.

  4. Kellie, I'm glad that Mitchell is doing better. I can't believe what a trooper you are. You are inspiring! Our family will be praying for yours.

  5. I'm glad to hear things are going well!