Friday, May 31, 2013

Jansen's transitional Kindergarten Graduation

We were so lucky to have Jansen in the Tribal Kindergarten class at Coarsegold this past year.  He had amazing teachers that we so loving and patient.  Perfect for Jansen's first year in Kindergarten.  
 Mrs. Kim Lawhone, and Mrs. Becka Hand
 Then we had a delicious dinner at Chukchansi.  AND the biggest surprise... our friends Annie and Matthew Wright, and their 3 kids were in town for a quick over night visit and we were so lucky to bring them with us.
 Alli LOVES babies and Mitchell was no exception.  Every time I looked over she would be talking to Mitchell trying to make him smile.  It was so special.  

 The best picture I had with all the kids... Regan, Alli, and Mason with Reesa and Jansen.
Annie and I both prego...

Annie sent me an email almost a year after this visit and it was so touching to me I decided to include it.
Dear Kellie
I wish we were neighbors.  I thought I would try to share with you my thoughts and feelings after our 1 day with the Geyers back in May 2013. I am ever so grateful we got to be with you at your home and experience a tiny touch of sweet Mitchell.  I remember helping Jake carry his stroller down the steps of the "great and spacious building" for Jansen's kindergarten graduation.  What a job! My arms were so tired and I remember looking up at you as you had your hands completely full of purse, bag, camera, probably another bag, and a smile. "What a life Kellie has" I thought.  And again, looked up and saw your cute grin.  I have been to many kindergarten graduations, including my own children, and that one was by far, my favorite! Jansen made it amazing.  I could not wait to cheer him on when his name was called.  I got goosebumps when they called his name.  Yeah that's right, I am here for  that kid, the one that has been cheering on every single child as loud as he could, I was so proud! Wow, his parents must feel like a million bucks. And then we got to go eat in the "great and spacious building", and here is where my family was showered with Mitchy love.  Oh how sweet that boy is! I just fell in love with him!  Alli and I got to sit and feed Mitchell while everyone got their food.  We both realized real quick how lucky we were. As I gave him his first spoonful of applesauce (?) his eyes sparkled and he gave us a little half smile.  Oh Alli loved this, and she kept smiling at him, and then played peek-a-boo all the while Mitchell just had this look of complete pleasure.  It was Heavenly.  We both could feel his love just radiate the entire room.  Then the rest of my family came and again learned real quick that we had the sweet opportunity to sit with an angel. I even remember Mason putting his hands over his eyes and anxiously watching Mitchell's face.  Oh what love filled our souls. Really, how could we all feel that good? The rest of the evening was fantastic as my kids got to play at the Geyer's "playground" of a yard. The next morning, I awoke to sweet Mitchell crying.  It had to have been like 5:00 a.m.? I went into the living room and there you were snuggling that boy.  It was so warm and sweet. Even though Mitchell continued to cry in your arms, I believe he knew he was in his place where he could cry and let out his emotions.  It looked so comfy for him.  For the next hour I got to taste a tiny nibble of life at the Geyer home. I pushed Mitchell in his stroller down the hall, up and around his swing, and back into the kitchen again, again, and again.  "How does Kellie do it?" I thought.  Here you are, no sleep, yet a BIG heart full of love.  I am so grateful for my one little hour with that sweet boy, as I pushed him in the stroller. How could he radiate so much love? I walked a little of heaven that morning...

Im sitting here crying as I'm writing this because I wonder if you ache for that every day. I remember you telling me how much you felt Mitchell when Corbin was born. I pray that you can still feel it.  I love the way you love your kids.  You allow them to soar! The Geyer home is so full of love.  Kellie you are such a great mom.  I love the way you capture all the moments of loving your children.  In college I just loved to be with you.  Life was always better with Kellie.  Your kids feel the same way, your home is truly a heaven home. Love you so much Kellie, 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby birds!

I went to take down my wreath hanging outside by our front door... and notice anything on the top left...
A BIRD NEST with EGGS!!!!  I had to put off taking down decorations a little longer... I'm really good at that!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring 2013

 Catching up on the things we've been up to...
 Dahnyalle and I both prego and feeling sick...
 Everybody chillin in the hot tub with dad...
 Mitchell being as cute as ever at therapy!!!
 Date night at Taylor Veater's wedding
 It's getting so hot and it's only MAY!!!

After our trip to Utah Simone called and asked if we had Remy's bird purse... We found it in our van and texted them this picture of Jansen with it... SO Saige sent us a picture back of Reesa's toys we had left... Notice Saige is eating cereal too, so funny!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hawaii May 2013

Jake and I are celebrating our 10  year anniversary this year, so we took a trip to Hawaii... just the two of us.  I was only a few months pregnant and so super sick.  We didn't get to do nearly everything we wanted, but we hit all the highlights!  It was especially nice for me to just have to take care of myself and focus on shoving crackers in my mouth to keep from puking instead of having to take care of all my other kids too!  It was the perfect get away we so desperately wanted (and maybe needed too)!

Jake was a good sport about everything.  Since I was feeling so yucky, we didn't get to do a TON of stuff, but we still did LOTS!
 Our direct flight from Fresno to Oahu!  Totally awesome!!!
 We arrived and I had to eat ASAP.  So we ate at PF Chang's... Our favorite authentic Hawaiian cuisine!  lol
The next day we got up early to be at Pearl Harbor by 7 am.  We heard not all tickets are available later in the day and we didn't want any of the tickets to sell out.

 Oh, we're so funny!!!  

 At Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor.

 Super yummy Japanese food where you grill it yourself. Reminded me of the melting pot, just way more meat, and way more Jake's style! Delicious!!!  Happy Mother's Day to me!!!  YUM!

The next day we went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.  Again we got up to leave by 7 am and didn't come back til 3.  I was so prego and EXHAUSTED!!!  Jake had to hike to get us lunch at a snack shop and didn't know what I could (would) eat so he seriously bought one of everything because he didn't want to make that hike twice!!!  What a thoughtful guy!  

 We seriously tried to do everything!!!  We rented a car for the day and crammed in a session here at the La'ie Hawaii Temple! A bonus since we didn't have to pay extra for babysitting!!! 
Then we headed over to the PCC to spend the rest of the day there.
 Polynesian Cultural Center luau!!! Such yummy food, those purple rolls were sweet and super delicious! My fav, was the salmon, Jake's the mango chicken!
We stayed and watched all the shows including the fire dancers!
Here is the beautiful Marriott where we stayed the first 5 days.  

We went to hike to a waterfall and when we stopped the car look who hopped in...

Jake being Jake...

Then yummy shaved ice at the end.
For the last 2 nights of our stay we stayed at the Kahala.  It was amazing (but super $$$$, so we only stayed 2 nights!)  One of the funnest things... They put out slippers at our bedside each night with turndown service.  There were also dolphins you could swim with and it's own private beach.

        We had a great time falling in love all over again!  xoxo