Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We have a visitor

Jake's parents are so amazing.  They offered to watch our kids for a weekend while Jake and I went to a conference as long as we brought our kids to their house.  On the drive down Reesa kept saying how excited she was to see her cousin Katie... well she wasn't going to see Katie at Grandma's house.  So we got this brilliant idea to take Katie back with us and stay til the family reunion almost 3 weeks later. It turned out to be one of the best ideas EVER!!!  Katie was so easy, she required nothing really she is so independent.  She knew how to do lots of things and taught my kids through example to do dishes, sweep floors, clean up, etc.  We had so much fun with her we want her to come back every summer!!!
I asked her to smile and got this cute grin!!!

Katie lost a tooth, and was ECSTATIC the tooth fairy left her $1.75!
 We packed in as many fun things as we could think of.  It was easy for me to do with one extra helper!
Art classes at the Children's museum...

 Jansen and Mitchell in their matchy, matchy clothes.  (notice Mitchell's glasses around his neck... he's learned how to pull them off and NEVER leaves them on anymore!)

 Katie's fancy hair!
 Petting the Sting Ray's at the zoo...
 Dino dig
 Jansen the pirate!
 Tubing at Hensley lake
 Paint class
 Swimming twice a day!  We did swim lessons at the YLP pool, and they let Katie join Reesa's class even though she wasn't at that level yet.  Reesa did such a great job of helping her make friends and feel included.
 Cousin Annie came to visit... Reesa loved her!  she's just making her "funny face."
 Darby, Angel, Aunt Molly, me, Eli, Reesa, Jansen, Annie, & Molly (visiting from Saudi Arabia!)
 Coarsegold Dental sponsored Friday night at the lake and we all got CGD shirts and toothbrush bags!
 Of course Jake won the pie eating contest!  GO babe!  So proud of you!
 More boating pic
Katie was such a help because she made all our toys seem new again to my kids!  We did "no TV" almost the entire time this summer and the kids just played and played.  It made it really easy for me to take care of all Mitchell's needs.  She was like an instant friend for both of my kids and they loved having her around!  What a fun summer!

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  Reesa and I painted our finger and toe nails...
Earlier Jake and I hiked to Angel Falls.  Look at this gorgeous view 10 minutes from our house.  (I mean the LAKE!)  Ha ha, that's the worst picture of me!

 We went boating at Hensley lake with the Kendalls and the Weirs.

 Uncle Benson, Aunt Simone, and their family drove up to see us, and we went camping at Bass lake.
 Two girls found bear claws outside their tent and they let Reesa and Remy get a photo!
It's so fun to have the Whitney family visit!  They said they wanted a wall to mark their visits since they think they visit us the most.  I think Jake's considering it...lol.  We love having you guys!