Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 8

Mitchell had a great night! He tolerated his feedings well and they increased them to 10 cc every 3 hours. He gets a new IV in his hand and sucks on a binki! They also took off his earmuffs, so now he can hear our voices. Here he is trying to be awake for us. Because he did so well, our nurse Patti pushes hard to let us hold him. Dr. Terrant says if he continues to do well, one of us can hold him for 30 minutes at 3:00 p.m.
We go home and pray our brains out that he'll do good, and try to relax by letting the kids swim in our yard.
Even though the water was freezing, they loved it!
We come back at 3 and his here you can see his stats. He had tolerated his Nitrate being dropped to 15!!! (Last time they dropped it, he started cascading down, they had to turn ALL the gadgets back to 100% and it took him 3 days to recover.)
So... I got to hold him.
It took two people almost 15 minutes to move him to me, and as long as his stats were doing fine, I could hold him. If I moved his oxygen would drop. Both my legs and arms were asleep, but I didn't want them to take him back so I held perfectly still!
Tell me he does not look like he's in heaven!!!
Of course his little tiny hands.
Jake was so sweet to tell me I could hold him everyday for the first week since it meant so much to me, and he thought Mitchell needed me too.
It was so much work to move him into my arms, I am so thankful Patti pushed the Dr. into saying yes, creating so much more work for herself. These nurses really do care!
I got this great shot of Reesa when we got home that I had to post. Isn't she beautiful?

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