Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

Jake turns 30 today! What a special birthday... I imagined a BIG party with lots and lots of friends, tons of great food, and a perfect well thought out gift. Instead, Jake drove me to Sam's club to buy a lemon bunt cake, we took the kids to see the movie UP, stopped at the dollar store on our way home for the kids to pick out gifts for dad, I just sent Jake off to go get the massage, and we're getting Chinese take out for dinner. I thought it sounded pretty good seeing as how I couldn't plan much.
All his presents... Reesa kept telling me dad wanted the pink wrapping paper.
But to honor Jake, I thought I'd post 30 things I love about him.
1. He wanted to buy our kids a fish bowl and fish when he had a bad day.
2. He'll listen to me talk about all the girly things I want someone to listen to.
3. He likes to have a treat every night.
4. He smiles all day.
5. He has a great attitude about life. He bouces back quickly from the most difficult sistuations.
6. He doesn't take offense very easily.
7. He likes to be active and wants to stay in shape, (somewhat???)
8. He gains weight with me when I'm pregnant.
9. He loves my family, and loves me to spend time with them.
10. He loves and respects his mother.
11. He thinks our kids are the cutest thing ever.
12. He laughs out loud.
13. He sings the hymns during church. I never have to feel like I'm singing alone.
14. He's very handy around the house.
15. He'll do almost anything I ask, as long as I put it on a list.
16. He's very supportive of my goals.
17. He wants me to make friends, and encourages me to go out with them.
18. He likes to wear shorts and flip-flops in the winter because he hates to sweat.
19. He takes a shower any time he does sweat... up to 3 times a day. Boy does he smell good!
20. He's very friendly. He's not scared to meet new people or make new friends.
21. He loves to play corn hole AND takes great pride in playing by the rules.
22. He gets up at 5:23 a.m. and never complains to me about it. I couldn't do it and I'm so grateful he can provide for our family.
23. He prefers quantity to quality... making it very easy to pack his lunch.
24. He NEEDS to have orange juice every day.
25. He flosses his teeth AT LEAST once a day.
26. He's very spontaneous. If you ever want to do something fun, Jake will drop anything to join you, or to make it happen.
27. He'll make no bakes for our treat if I've had a bad day, knowing they're my favorite dessert, not his.
28. He makes it a priority to go on a date with me every other week. Even if I whine and say I all I can do is dinner and a movie. AND when he let me plan date night, he didn't complain when I chose for us to get pedicures together.
29. His main request when he started working was to have a fridge AND pantry full of food that he could snack on whenever he wanted. (He still tells me about his dream to have a second fridge.)
30. He's my best friend. He tries so hard to make me happy, and I never have to wonder about him loving me. He gives me room to change and is so quick to forgive, or even say "I'm sorry." He honors his priesthood, and wants to be better. Who couldn't love this guy?

Jake you are a great person, and a wonderful husband. I know I am so lucky to have you. Thanks for being there for me!
I love you,


  1. Cute cute cute! Jake sounds wonderful The birthday list of reasons totally takes me back to Beeville! Also, I can't ever eat no-bakes without thinking of you. Did I tell you my sister came up with a recipe for a personal sized serving of no bakes? If you want it let me know!

    How is your sweet baby doing??

  2. I'm glad Jake could finally get old with the rest of us. welcome to the 30's!!!! I have ALWAYS thought Jake was one of the funnest people. He is always up for anything, and takes being bossed around with such a smile (even when it's BOTH of us bossing him!) Jake has to be the best sport there is. Happy birthday to him!

  3. I love you Jake! That was so sweet of you Kellie. You are so awesome and I am glad you are Jake's wife. I didn't know the one about sweating at all. Does Jake still love to eat cold cereal morning, noon and night?