Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter in Utah 2013

Easter in Utah is such a fun vacation for our family.  We've made it a yearly tradition for 4 years now!  It's so nice to have my family to help with all the fun activities we try to do.  Plus now that it's kind of a tradition it's something we all look forward to.  So here's a million photos of lots of the fun things we did.
Dying eggs with cousins.
 Grandma Sue with Jude
 Reesa, Gage, and Cianna

 One of the many egg hunts.  


 Travis's mom passed away and the funeral was that Monday we were already in Utah.  It worked out perfectly for us to attend and have my mom watch our kids so we could go pay our respects.  It was really fun to see the Kendall's while in Utah.

 Everybody got a turn to love on Mitchy... Grandma Sue
 Papa Bill,

 Beckhem and Jansen
 What??? Grandma Sue only had girl bibs!!!! 
 Reesa, Caprice, Remy
 Saige and Mitchy

 Caprice and Mitchy

 We bought a fun pass that gave us unlimited passes to Hollywood Connection, go-karts, laser tag... it was awesome!

 Free hot dogs and drinks!  We totally scored!

 The boys were so silly waiting in line for every ride!

 T.V. is always a hit... even for Jake!

 Jansen snuggling me while sleeping.  What a sweetheart!

 Seeing all the animals at Wheeler Farm

 Mitchy just rollin' around!
We announced to all our family on this trip that I was pregnant with baby #4.  It was so exciting to be able to tell everyone in person... But I was feeling so sick that we kind of had to tell them... ha ha.