Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 13 Monday

I took some great photos today, but it's too much to post them now... so stay tuned. Anyway, we have a new Dr. doing rounds this week, and he is doing a POWER wean! He really wants Mitchell off his ventilator by tomorrow so he is PUSHING him. They have him completely off the Nitric, when I left tonight he was down to 26% Oxygen and the ventilator giving him 23 breaths per minute. I actually don't like to see it. His breathing is so labored and he is just fighting. But I guess that means he'll come home sooner, if he makes it through this.

Still on "no stimulation," so no touching, talking etc. I keep asking about holding and feeding him. Maybe tomorrow night I can hold him and feed him in about a week! I'm so tired, and living with a constant headache AND Hannah leaves tomorrow. She's been such a big help, and support. Thanks for coming Hannah, we needed you. To you, thanks for your prayers and love. xoxo

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