Friday, November 30, 2012

Random November pictures...

Mitchell's new trick... Feeling in control and stopping his swing from swinging... BUT if you turn off his swing, he screams and doesn't want to be in it.  I guess when you can't crawl or walk or really even move you want to be able to control some kind of movement.  Mitchell will grab the swing bar and just smile at you as if saying "look what I can do!  I just stopped myself from moving!"  I just love seeing his little personality coming out as he starts to show us his likes and dislikes.  He often falls asleep in his swing while holding the bar so it won't move.  I finally captured him in a picture!
Reesa found a buckeye tree and since she was born in Ohio (OSU mascot is the buckeye) she wanted to know all about buckeyes! So we made edible buckeyes! YUM!
I spend lots of hours with Mitchell at therapy learning to eat!  
The first snow fall of the season, so of course we made a snowman!  
And Reesa took a picture of the beautiful roses outside her bedroom window as the snow threatened to destory them early...
Our adorable dog Rascal sleeping in the cat's bed in our garage with a kitten!  He must have been desperate for company!!!
One of the zillion trips we made to Children's hospital, of course the kids always insist I take a picture of them on the giraffes out front.

Me snuggling our forever baby!
Yes, I did have a birthday this year and officially hit mid thirties!  
Mitchell at therapy just being so darn cute again!!!

We did go to Grandma and Grandpa Geyer's for Thanksgiving... although I could only find two photos to prove it!

Driving to So Cal...

We stopped at Burger King and everyone had a party...
I mean seriously, can Mitchell get any cuter than this?

 Jansen wore his suit for my birthday... What a handsome fella!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reesa played soccer

Reesa played fall soccer this year.  It was a lot of fun for her to play with ALL girls and slowly learn the rules a little better this time.  Sadly these are the only photos I got from the whole season.
They played in the pouring rain!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Don't ever try to do anything when kids are home! Ever!
 Yes, it's ink! Jansen is totally proud of himself. It's everywhere, kitchen table chairs, floor, hallway, bathroom, sinks, tubs all over his clothes... Which is why the ink stops on his arms! Ruined the cutest shirt . Guess I need to go shopping 
It won't come all the way out... There are so dark spots on our table and the sink is a little blue still the floor looks good. 

Yeah I was so mad and Jansen was so happy, I finally started laughing and said well at least let me get a picture before I throw you in the bath. Pictures make everything funny. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 15, 2012

Jennifer and I, with a bunch of friends pretended we were young again and went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part #2.  I bet you're jealous!  

Pumpkin Patch

I found these photos on Jake's phone... While at the pumpkin patch the kids got to get inside these giant balls, plug their ears while they filled them with air, then got to run around on the water like hamsters.  They really had so much fun cause their dad likes to spoil them rotten!!! It was really cute.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

October at a glance

So many fun and wonderful memories this October... 

Taking the kids to Frosty's for good behavior at school...

Grandma Sue came to visit and help while Jake was out of town.  She was such a lifesaver and made everything SO MUCH easier to have her help!  Thanks for coming mom.
For some reason I can never remember to take pictures when my mom visits, but I got TWO this time!!!

We went to lots of festivals and enjoyed so much candy!
Jansen got to hold a chicken, probably the highlight of his LIFE!
We won 3 gold fish... it helps when you know the girls working the booths...
I made 20 freezer meals and exchanged them!!!  So proud of myself!

Dressed up for parites... Reesa modeling the tail we added to her cat costume.  She was very happy!
Went to the pumpkin patch during the day on Jake's day off and did the pony rides.  Look how cute and happy Reesa looks!
Jansen Loved it too!
Mitchell trying really hard to be a good sport...
We did the family photo booth
Jansen wanted to be a pirate and kept making this face in most the pictures I'm not posting...
Then we had to carve the pumpkins we picked...
Reesa insisted we baked the seeds so she could try eating them...
Jake and Reesa drawing her pumpkin face.
This is the cutest thing... Mitchell loves to blow raspberries, and here is a precious moment of Jansen taking turns "talking" to Mitchell by blowing raspberries back.  These moments of interaction with Mitchell are so few I almost cry every time I see one!
Reesa carved her pumpkin all by herself!!!!  She did such a great job!
The kids got to wear their costumes to school, so here's me dropping them off for the day!
Happy Halloween everybody!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aunt Chelsey visits

I am SO LOVED!  My sister came out to visit us for TWO whole weeks!  To say "amazing" is an understatement. It was so fun to have someone to just live my life with me.  So of course we mainly did the mundane things of daily living but it was SO FUN! 
The kids picked out these flowers to decorate our house for Aunt Chelsey.
 We took the kids swimming almost everyday to get out some energy...
 Rascal fell in love with Chelsey... look at him snuggled up to her!  
 I was applying for my California Hygiene license and Chelsey volunteered to be my patient, (she had to get Nitrous, 9 shots, and STC.  What a great sport!) so we drove to Sacramento one weekend and got some alone girl time while I finished my course and exams.  
We seriously ate everything we wanted in Sacramento!
 Went to card club and had a super fun craft night.
 Volunteered at "Cougars Rock the Walk" for our elementary school

 Reesa was a super star and ran for the entire hour!!!!!

 Mitchell being cute after a blowout in church...
 We finally took her to see Yosemite and those curvy roads reminded me why I don't go more often... I was SO CAR SICK!  

 Jansen loves every dog we see and wanted a picture with this dog...

 Gorgeous views!

 Went to dinner at Bass lake
Put Mitchell's chair up at the table and he LOVED being part of the group!
I had such a great time with Chelsey, of course I'm a little worried her husband will never let her come again because she stayed so long...  Thanks for all your help Chelsey!!!