Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who wants a dog?

Not me, but Jansen sure does. Here's Jansen having free reign over our neighbor's dog. SO FUNNY! Jansen would try and get as far away from us to prevent anyone from taking away the leash.
Jansen sat on this dog, pulled his tail, and hugged it to pieces. Thanks Brandon for letting him love your dog!

And Reesa is getting so good at riding a bike. She's learned how to use the brakes, and can even go uphill.
man my kids LOVE to be outside!

AND I about had a heart attack when I came in the room and saw Mitchell like this...I thought he had bruises all over his face and I was sick! I left the room only to answer the door, but with Jansen around... I started thinking the worst. It only took a minute to realize Whitney had come over and left her mark with lip gloss. We couldn't stop laughing.
Night time bed routines

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  1. That picture of Reesa reading to Mitchell is precious. Treasure it up because they grow so fast! I love you Kellie and I love reading your blog!