Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reesa's party

It all happened so fast! Reesa turned 4 and we threw her a party. SO FUN! We had 13 little kiddies come (mainly from her primary class) to help celebrate. Nothing fancy, but these kids loved everything. We played hot potato waiting for all the guests to arrive, ate pizza and carrots for lunch, played corn hole (modified bean bag toss), decorated snowflake ornaments, ate cake, opened presents, went home.

I took pictures of everything but NO FACES appeared. I should have just had everyone pose for a group photo on the fireplace like my dad did at EVERY birthday party I ever had.
Reesa was so fun to sport all her cute gifts! She loved 'em.

I love this picture of Reesa and Olivia. It makes me think of Reesa as a little girl who has friends. ha ha, she's just my baby!
So here's pictures of everyone eating
and more eating.

My favorite; Reesa singing happy birthday to herself. Who wants to just sit there and listen? And Brinley the classic cousin, helped Reesa understand everything about a birthday.
The cake Dianna Cardon told me to make as the easiest birthday cake. I couldn't believe what a hit it was, and it really did only take 10 minutes! (As you can tell.)
Thanks everyone for coming, and all the sweet birthday wishes. Reesa really felt special and we all had so much fun.


  1. well if she is anything like you, she'll have tons of friends! i want cake now. i can't believe she is 4! the party looks great and simple - perfect.

  2. Happy Birthday Reesa!!! She's adorable, I still can't believe I've NEVER MET HER!! What a cute birthday party, and I totally need to remember that cake idea for Ivy! You guys have a busy month during December, just like us. Isn't it too fun??

  3. Oh and P.S. Your baking dish is almost as cute as the cake itself. I LOVE it!

  4. She is so beautiful! It looks like everyone had a great time. I love that age, they are so easy to please... sometimes. :) Love you

  5. So cute! I Love the birthday outfit! You had 13 little kids over?!? (wow! I knew it-u ARE super woman!) Hope everyone's doing well and your birthday girl is so pretty! miss u pretty lady!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe she is 4 already. Time is going by too fast.