Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Christmas was SO FUN this year! I didn't put any presents under our tree until the night of the 23rd, so I wouldn't have to try and protect them from Jansen. (Reesa went to her cousin's house and came home and asked me why we didn't have ANY presents under our tree, I felt a little guilty) I also decided not to use any bows, since I had so much wrapping to do. I was a little sad about that, because I love a beautiful present, but this year it seems has been about survival, so why change now, right?
The only pictures I got are from Christmas eve, and you can see our pathetic Christmas Tree. My dad kept saying we needed to throw out our Christmas tree because it looked like it "needed to be fixed by the grinch." Jansen knocked over our tree a total of six times this year, and by the end I hardly bothered to put back up the ornaments. Really it looked so sad..., but I had to stop caring! Our tree has lasted 5 years, and I think we paid less than $20 bucks for it. Maybe next year well get something Jansen proof.

My parents came out to visit and it was awesome! They stayed the night at Chelsey's house Christmas Eve, then came over to our house Christmas Day around noon. We just let our kids play with their stockings and waited for my parents to open our presents. WOW, was that a great idea. Our kids had so much fun with the smallest things, and it really felt like they had time to appreciate things. We also we able to enjoy breakfast and not feel rushed. I loved it!!! I hope we can do Christmas at noon ever year.
Mitchell never quite looks like he knows what's going on, but isn't he cute?
The Gregory's came over to our house for Christmas dinner, and since my mom pretty much did everything, it was very low stress, for me at least... thanks mom. Again I'm so sad I never got a group shot. Here's the closest to one. (Dad, me, Reesa, Tyler, Mitchell, and Rylee)
And even though this picture makes my dad look like an aging man, doesn't Mitchell look so happy all snuggled up with his pop first thing in the morning?
Fun things we did; Went to the theater and saw Sherlock Holmes,
played our new board games Dominion, (thanks Aaron and Laura)
and Ticket to Ride Europe, (thanks Chelsey and Aaron)
went to the YMCA almost everyday
ate WAY too much candy.
Got lots of mail!!!

Thanks everyone for all your Christmas cards and gifts. We had a great year, and hope you did too. It's always so fun to be around family. I'm so glad my parents spent probably their first Christmas away from home to be with their girls! We loved having you here.


  1. Thanks for these wonderful photos. I've sent ours to Shauna for the monthly newsletter. No captions but just the images of "most' of our loved ones are precious to us.

    I think Sue and Bill look great! Easy to see where you get your great looks.

    Happy New Year!

    Counting the days until the California Geyer Clan grows some more!

    Love Dad Geyer

  2. Kellie, looks like so much fun! I love simple having a simple Christmas that isn't stressfull! How fun to have your parents there, they look great! I can't wait to come out there! Hopefully the card making that we will do will make the pain of my teeth better!! Love you!

  3. I am so excited that you found me! yea! My long lost friend! Looks like you and your cute family are doing well! You look great! Now that I know where you are we can keep up and chat more! You made my day!

  4. I just love your dad! Glad you guys had such a great Christmas!

  5. Hello! I grew up with Jake back in Palmdale and am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog! I just spent a few minutes reading some posts and I'm so happy that your son is home and healthy(er)! I saw Jim and Lenora at a wedding last summer and they had told me that he was not doing well, so I was glad to hear that he's alright. Please say hi to Jake for me and I'll add you to my reader so I can keep up.

    ~Heather (Morris) Hokanson

  6. I'm so glad you guys had your mom and dad for Christmas...what fun! Merry late Christmas, I hope you got our card, we loved yours. Your kids are so adorable! Love ya, (I would love to talk if you want to email me your number, since smartypants aka: me lost it)