Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mitchell is 8 months today!

Mitchell still loves to act like a newborn. Here's a rare photo where he's kind of holding his own head up, so I'm posting it, drool and all!!! Below is what he normally looks like.
We started M on baby food 2 weeks ago. We've been waiting til he had more head control, but he still has been having so many problems with reflux, the docs thought it would be good to have the heavier food along with gravity keep things down. I think he's loving food, but you can't really tell, since he can't use his arms to push it away, he can't really turn his head away, and he's practically laying down when I feed him, but he's not screaming, so I'll take that as a "this is the best treat of my life!"

We still can't get his bowels under control, so he's only eating pears and prunes, along with 4 other medications. We've had to change his meds about once a week because we can't seem to get the right combo, and the poor kid is just miserable!

Mitchell weighed in at 13 lbs. 4 oz and is under the 3% for weight now. I'm thinking solids will change that. We also increased his feeding to every 3 hours to bulk him up.

Major accomplishments,
Mitchell reached for Jake's face on Sunday. Twice. He still holds his arms in as tight as he can, so we've been playing "Rocky theme song" and helping M stretch those arms 5 x a day. Reesa started asking if he's going to be an "exer boxer." We call it his boxing exercises.

If he's in a good mood, with a lot of work, you can get a smile. It's still not the same light up the room smile most babies have, but it's definitely a happy look.

He's rolled over from his front to his back 5 times.

He got his first THREE teeth in last week. ALL on top! It kind of scared me that he has an irregular eruption pattern (the bottom should have come in first), but Jake says it can still be variable for another 3 months or so, and he can't think of any disease associated with this pattern. So who knows???

He makes good eye contact, and will turn his head up to see me if he's sitting on my lap. He also likes to mimic sounds, and is getting pretty good at it.

The nights are not his strong point. He will go 4 hours, once in a while it's 6. He was out growing his wedge, so doc told us to prop his mattress so his head is 6 inches above his feet. I can't really seem to get him to sleep in this new bedding, but Jake's a pro! It seems like once you get comfortable in a routine, everything changes. Sound familiar? I think that happens to all of us especially with babies.

Well we love little Mitchell, we're so happy he's home, and he's growing. Our developmental doctor told us he thinks Mitchell will be able to walk one day, he's just going to be delayed a little. He no longer thinks he has cerebral palsy. He is still wondering why M is not making a lot of the connections he should be, and is just a little worried about his "internal wiring." He wants another MRI in 6 months or so... until then love him!


  1. Can you believe Mitchell is already 8 months?! That means he's been out of your belly almost as long as he was in it! He's such a cute baby, and I love his little hat! It sounds like he's doing really well, and I'm glad you've gotten good news from your doctor. I love the line about how since he isn't crying when you feed him solids, you'll assume he LOVES it. You're funny!

  2. I didn't realize how much you were working with him. I'm glad to hear he is making progress. He definitely has a good family to take care of him!

  3. Great job Mitchell! You're doing great. Keep up with your exer boxer.

  4. We do love him!! I can't believe he is registering in so small, he looks so healthy in all the pics, especially with those sweet cheeks. I wish I could see him. He's precious! You guys are so great. One day he will tell you how much he loves you and appreciates all of your hard work and concern.

  5. Keep your chin up! Thanks for the post. I can't wait until we can meet the little guy. You guys are doing a great job! love you!

  6. That Rocky theme could motivate anyone!! You are so funny, I love to read your blog. Yea for Mitchell, keep it up! (P.S. Pulling your Mom's hair is a lot of fun, you should try it...it will totally bulk up those arms)