Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jansen at Preschool

Jansen LOVES preschool 100%. He takes off running to his class the moment we get in the school doors. He prefers to play alone and doesn't really like to play with other kids. In fact if someone comes to do his activity, he'll move to another one. He's SUPER good at puzzles, and has mastered our 24 piece jigsaw puzzle. It's SO CUTE! He's now making lots of vocalizations, but no real words still. He takes your hand and leads you to whatever he wants, ie food, toys, or TV. He LOVES wind-up toys, having his back rubbed, and his blanket (which he NEVER leaves without a fuss). He likes things to be in order and will line objects tallest to smallest. He is so kissable, and has the chubbiest cheeks. His teacher just emailed me this photo, and it's the first one where Jansen is actually doing something normal, so I thought I would blog it.

Oh I just love this cute boy!!!
p.s. Although Jansen is holding this brush in his right hand, we think he is LEFT HANDED. He eats lefty, and will usually trade things to put in his left hand if you place it in his right... my dad and sister are both leftys...


  1. So cute! U've gotta love the chubby cheeks-they're soooo kissable! Thanks for Drew's number! Hope ur all doing well!

  2. Kellie, I love love all of your updates! How is the decision where to live going? It would be heaven to live that close to Nicalee or Deb, I can see why you are feeling so bittersweet about it. You will make friends wherever you go, you are the happiest, friendliest person alive! I think you should move to Wanship and live by me:) I love Jansen's pictures and that Jake put Reesa in the tree thing. Can you send me one of those? Or three? Do you think it is wrong to use duct tape on your children out of utter frustration? Anyway, I got your email and would love to call you and chat, thanks for sending your number to me, again. I am losing everything lately, I'm sure my mind is next! Love ya, we'll talk soon.

  3. I love this boy too. He's so dang cute... I know I say it on your blog all the time, but you tow make some pretty cute kids. Love you, miss you.