Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The time is getting closer to our family making our decision about where to live FOREVER! Yuck, doesn't that just sound hard, scary, and daunting? I find myself crying when I think about moving across the country and leaving behind good friends, and all the rich history found in the east. So I find myself wanting to cherish every moment of where I'm at now. I want my nieces, and nephew to remember how fun it was to have us like less than a mile away. I want everyday to count. I want Reesa and Jansen to have wonderful memories. How can I do all that???

Chelsey had her birthday and since we couldn't celebrate with her family, we had a little birthday lunch with my kids and Brinley. Chelsey is a wonderful sister and friend, who will drop anything she is doing when you really need her. I hope you know how much we love you Chelsey!


  1. Wow you do have a big decision coming! I guess when you're married to a dentist, eventually you know you'll be living somewhere for GOOD. Scary, but kind of nice in the end to really know you'll be settled. GOOD LUCK! Also, I loved your Christmas photos, and I think it's SO FUN that your parents came to YOU!

    And thanks for you comment on my blog! I loved reading what other moms felt on the subject!

  2. Too bad you aren't moving closer to us! Can I just say that Reesa is such a beautiful little girl? Seriously... every picture you up on here I realize how gorgeous she is. Daddy is going to have to be protective of her! Love you guys!!

  3. We want you guys here! :) Best of luck with your decision making! "Enjoy every minute" is my motto, too. Life just passes too quickly not to soak it all up. Oh, and we love Chelsey too!!! Happy Birthday girl! How wonderful you two have been able to live so close. We adore both of you!

  4. Selfishly, I'm glad you are moving to California. It'll be much closer to us (maybe, depending on how far North you go) and maybe we'll get a chance to see you!

    Best of luck on deciding where to go. It will be such a relief when it's all said and done!