Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Reesa

My little girl is growing up! Reesa has been so excited to have a birthday for months now, I'm not sure it really hit her today's the day.

Chelsey & Brinley took us to Chucky E Cheese and my kids had a blast learning the rides take tokens, and how to put them in. NO ONE was there, so we had the place to ourselves, and I hardly watched my kids. It felt like the first time ever I wasn't stressed about being somewhere. Jansen had so much fun playing ALL the games with balls, and climbing on all the rides. AND Mitchell just slept in my MOBY Wrap.

I didn't make her cake because I scored!... Her primary teacher made Reesa the cutest Cinderella cake!

I didn't take a picture before it got torn apart... There was a big pink gumball on top, the wheels were connected, and Jansen wouldn't give back the other horse that should be pulling the carriage.

When we cut open the cake Reesa kept looking EVERYWHERE for Cinderella.
Her first friend party is tomorrow, how exciting. Here are the cute invites we made.
Reesa is just the sweetest thing, (if only I had more PATIENCE!) She loves PINK, and told me she has two favorite colors... dark pink, and light pink. She love to sing, & dance to her own pace. She loves having attention, and wants everyone to always be included. She'll always ask about "the whole family" eating, going somewhere, loving her, etc.
If I only have one girl Reesa, I'm glad it's you! Happy Birthday baby doll.


  1. What a darling cake!! Happy Birthday Reesa! Sending our love to you and your family.

  2. Happy Birthday Reesa! We miss you and love you! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!