Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So much has happened, and I would LOVE to bore you with all the details, but I just don't have time right now. So I'll be as brief as I know how...

I turned 20,12 and had a wonderful lunch with girls from the ward. On my actual b-day Jake got home late and wanted the kids in bed on time, so we sang happy birthday, opened some gifts, put the kids to bed and ate cake without them. So we took ZERO pictures. Nick and Julie were here from Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, so we got to celebrate with them. How lucky am I?
Aaron had back surgery (AGAIN, poor guy) so we got to host at our house. Julie came well prepared with lots of fun activities to keep the kids happy and involved.
Thumbprint place cards.
Turkey apples were a hit! (Brinley above, Rylee, Isaac, and Anica below)
lots of crafts to spell Happy Thanksgiving
Isaac cutting leaves for our thankful tree.
Reesa and Anica making pies
The only picture I have of the tables...
Chelsey carving the turkey, we had 2. (the turkey I bought was still frozen after being in the fridge 4 days! Don't worry we still put it in the oven and had it for dessert that night! SO DELICIOUS! Thanks Nick for doing all of it.)
Julie and Nick, sorry Julie I had to post your photo...
Me and Jake
What a thankful year we've had. What a blessing to have little Mitchell in our lives, to live so close to my sister, all the new friends we've made here in Virginia, and all the ones old ones who just keep getting better! Here's a photo from Thanksgiving 2008. We talked Julie and her family into coming back and making it a tradition. It was so fun to have you. Thank you for coming!!!

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