Friday, December 11, 2009

One is good, two is better

One is good, two is better. That's certainly our motto around here. We got these Jansen proof snow globes from CVS that Jansen can't stay away from. They play music and blow snow, just like a snow globe, but no water, and no glass, it's plastic. Perfect to add to my kid Christmas decorations.
After I got home with just one, I realized it was going to be a problem because Jansen WOULD NOT share. So we got one for Reesa, and things didn't change much!

what a ham!


  1. Oh Jansen and Cohen would be best friends, I just know it! I can picture their wrestling matches. Such funny photos, and Mitchell is SO CUTE sucking his thumb!

  2. I just laughed reading this blog, Jansen is too cute!!