Friday, December 11, 2009

Mitchell's 6 months!

Mr. Mitchell is now 6 months! He weighed in at 12 pounds 8 ounces making him in the 3% for weight. No one seems to be worried because he's got rolls! We saw the cardiologist and his aorta is hanging in there, but he'll need it monitored until he has his next heart surgery. We go back in March. The surgery is better the older Mitchell gets, so we hope it's awhile. (I was under the impression, get it over with and be done, nope! that's not best.)
We need to see the urologist now because we found he has a hypospadia. AND we saw the GI doctor last week to increase his transit time for food in his belly. (Ultrasound showed a full stomach after feeding 3 hours prior.) It's just a guessing game so we'll see how the meds work in 10 days!
So basically Mitchell's life is LOTS of doctor visits, lots of kisses and ALWAYS being held and loved! Reesa loves to be "in charge" of Mitchell when I go get a diaper, or something. And Jansen has started to acknowledge Mitchell's existence and will point to Mitchell's head when I ask him "where's the baby?'
And of course here's Whitney, loving my kiddies as usual.

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