Friday, December 11, 2009

Thumb sucker

I've never had one of these before... is that why I think it is SO DANG CUTE???
Here's what Mitchy constantly looks like trying to find his thumb...

P.S. I forgot to mention, Mitchell has officially smiled! He was so happy yesterday and smiled several times!!! Now to capture that moment on film...


  1. My Karlee is a thumbsucker too! It IS sooooo CUTE but I hear, a hard habit to break! At least there is no fussing to find a binkie. Nicholas always has to have his and it drives me crazy running all over the house to find one. Good thing Jake is a dentist. You have nothing to worry about! Cute, cute pictures! I love those snow globes. Macy broke one of mine last year and water and beads went everywhere. What a good find! Jansen looks like he is owning those globes. Your kids are so dang cute and you look beautiful! I love your short hair! Thanks for the update on Mitchell. What a tough little guy with all those doctor visits. I'm just amazed at how you do it! You are amazing and such a good mom! Sure love and miss you!

  2. Very cute! Addysen was a thumb sucker too! I loved it!