Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aunt Allison Visits

I got the funnest phone call from Allison asking us when a good weekend for her to come visit us! So she and baby Jane flew out here and spent the week with us! It was SO FUN!
We got so spoiled to get to know Allison better. My kids LOVED getting her full attention because she only had ONE of her 4 babies with her.
Reesa loved that Allison rode next to her in the car. So lucky!
We took her to Maymont Park and it was just BEAUTIFUL! The colors were so vibrant.
We even braved the Maymont Mansion... you had to stand on the "right" carpet, stay in the same room, no touching ANYTHING, etc. Half way through the tour guide asked if anyone wanted to leave, now would be a good time. Since the tour is only 30 minutes, and there were only 2 other young couples, we knew who she was asking... Thanks to Allison's help she managed Reesa who was so impressed with all the new stories of fairy's and princesses Allison told her.
Reesa LOVED baby Jane. She loved to hold her, talk to her, make her smile etc. She kept telling me Jane was her friend AND her cousin.
Mitchell and Jane just 11 days apart.
Allison making cinnamon rolls with Reesa. YUM!!!
Since we both had babies, we went to an infant massage class, walked around the lake at our house, cooked and cleaned, and Jake spoke in church on Sunday. Then Monday Allison and I went shopping at Cary Town, and Jake took the kids to the children's zoo at Maymont. It was so fun, and I feel so lucky that Allison would make that effort to come and visit our family! It was so great to have her around. We love you and miss you already!
Sleeping Mitchell


  1. So fun to have a visitor! And look at your beautiful fall leaves. I've never been out east in the fall, it looks amazing!

  2. The colors are really vibrant there! What fun to have a visitor :) Girly company is always such a refreshing thing. Your cinnamon rolls look yummy. Where is mine?

  3. love the pics... reesa looks a lot like your sister!! How is Mitchell? I sent him a little something today! Hope it fits him!! And you,I sent you something too!!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. I had so much fun with you guys and miss you so much! Thank you for a wonderful week! Tell Reesa, aka "baby Jane" that she is a sweetheart! And call me and let me know what you learned about Jansen, I love that boy, even though he refused to give me loves! Thank you again, I love you and am so proud of your little family!

  5. oh dear goodness! I miss everyone's visits don't I??? well, I'm glad that you two had fun-how is your family doing???? esp..mitchell???