Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy happy happy anniversary...

Like most things unplanned, our anniversary caught us off guard again! With so much going on we almost forgot... Since our anniversary was on a Sunday this year, we couldn't just do the nice dinner option. So the night before Jake asked me if we could just go "stag" this year! I couldn't stop laughing because I thought the whole idea of an anniversary was to celebrate being together? But deep down I thought it was a good idea.

If you want an anniversary to remember with extra money to spend, get married during a boring time of year, with nothing else going on... otherwise you'll just have to celebrate ALL YEAR to make everyday special. That's what we do around here. I Love you Jake!

BTW Jake told me he loves that we enjoy watching TV together. So we put our kids to bed, made chocolate lava cakes, and fell asleep within the first 20 minutes of our movie. (ever seen Shrek 3?)


  1. CUTE wedding photo! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about having a December anniversary. We never celebrate, either! I mean, we celebrate all year, too. :) Happy #6!

  2. happy anniversary!! i feel asleep during shrek 3 at the theater!

  3. yep. we have a january 4 anniversary and that is how it goes. unfortunately for nate and sam they also have january birthdays and they get pretty much the same treatment. :)

  4. I forgot you, me, and Shelly all got married in December-except Chris and I will celebrate 8 years on the 15th!! To make it even more exciting Chris is in the middle of finals for his masters and has one on our anniversary! It's what you get for getting married the day after finals ended! And marrying a boy that will spend forever in school! You don't know anything about that do you? ;) I'm praying we don't ever need a PHD!

  5. Kell:

    Some people's hair is darker and some less.

    But you both look happy despite the stress.

    Love and congrats!


  6. Kellie! I love your blog, because when you wrote that you couldn't stop laughing at Jake's "stag" comment... all I could hear in my head was you laughing, and it brought the BIGGEST smile to my face!!! I miss you, why don't we live closer!?? Jake is one lucky guy to have you, and I know it's reciprocal. Well happy anniversary and happy belated birthday!! xoxo

  7. Sounds like our date nights! Falling asleep in in front of the TV. We are so romantic. :) Happy anniversary to you!!