Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's advice

I need something... So I'm having this baby in about 6 weeks and I'm terrified! I could hardly sleep last night. Maybe if I felt better prepared, I could handle this easier. Jake told me last night, he doesn't think he can take a week off work and still keep his numbers. He'll get 4 days off, 2 of which I'll be in the hospital, right? My mom can't come out here until almost 2 weeks after I have this baby, and my sister will be out of town and is very busy with her own family. Can I really do this alone?

Reesa and Jansen are so physically demanding I don't know how I'll take care of them. PLUS, don't you feel like you've forgotten everything you have to do for a newborn? Does anyone want to come visit and take care of us for a week? I'll even pay for your plane ticket?

But seriously, I need some suggestions. How can I plan/ prepare for this baby? I need to get rid of this sick feeling I have, and gain some confidence. I was SO spoiled in Ohio with zillions of helpful friends who practically did everything for me... now what? I just have to laugh, I feel so pathetic, but I don't know who has great advice on this matter... or I would just call you and ask!

Send me any advice you've got...



  1. Aw, I feel for you!!! At least Jake will be around in the evenings, right? I would start filling your freezer with meals and buy lots of Disney movies for your kids. You'll probably have to let your housework go, and just when you hit TOTAL exhaustion, your mom will come! That or hold that baby in 2 extra weeks. :) Good luck!!!!

  2. oh i am so sorry. but i have to say i felt like #3 was so i finally DID know what i was doing and you will remember all the baby things you think you forgot.

    it was hard though w/ the older 2....i would call your visiting teachers or close friends and just say you need to set up some babysitting for 2 weeks! maybe a teenager at church can come over after school every day and play w/ reesa & jansen for you. i'll come visit you (but then you'd have 6 kids at your house and it probably wouldn't help...)

    you just have to get through those first 2 you can recover some. can't jake's mom come out or someone in his family?

  3. Kellie, you are going to do so great! You'll probably surprise yourself how well you do and how easy you transition. Just have a few new toys for Reesa and Jansen and some friends lined up that could take your kids so you can have some quiet time. I'm sure people would be willing to help. Stock up the pantry with easy things to make and snack on. Let your laundry and house go. Just survive until your mom gets there. Jake can always rescue you at night. Don't be afraid to let your kids watch a few movies. Remember, newborns sleep A LOT. I wish I could be there to help and kiss this new little baby! It's going to be great! Good luck!

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  5. Oh Kellie! I'm SO sorry! I wish I could come and help. I know you'll do just great. Just try to get a lot of things for the kids to do before the baby comes. Set up some play dates with some of your friends! Please call anytime! I love you!

  6. You will be fine! I know what it feels like to freak out, though. Imagine how I felt with the twins! Line up your babysitters for the older 2 now...that is totally what you will want once that baby is here. And have your frozen meals ready. You'll survive, I promise. Love you!

  7. The first 2 weeks are the best time to be alone... the baby will sleep a ton and you will feel like you can do more than you should... then around 2 weeks, that is when your energy will start to wain and it will be so nice to have your mom come and help out. Make sure Jake helps out at night if he can... even if he just gets the baby and brings him to you to feed.
    I wish I was there, you will surprise yourself with all you can do. I love ya....

  8. Ok, Yay! I'm actually close enough to do something to help! I would love to come visit and help entertain the younger two/help clean up/make dinner/whatever you need! By the way, I have some pretty jewelry with your name on it! I'm heading out that way next monday, but if u want it me! And just pray that the Lord will send u the people u need to help u out. that is the beautiful thing about the gospel-we all just pick up where needed and then pass it around! Call me if u need to vent-i like chatting with u! And just breathe! deep breaths always calm u down!

  9. Hi Kellie, I found your blog from Lauren's I hope you don't mind. I felt much the same way before I had my last baby, even though my mom came I still felt overwhelmed. Just know that there are a bunch of ladies in the Midlo ward that love you and want to help you. We are a phone or email away. Really, you can call me!