Friday, May 29, 2009

The quick update

So as some of you know... I went in Thursday to the high risk doctor, and little boy didn't respond well during the stress test. So they told me to call Jake go to the hospital and 60% chance they were going to deliver the baby right now! Of course the tears started coming and I could hardly think or talk. The nurses kept telling me it was only 5 days earlier than I expected. So they gave me an IV and started me on Pitocin. They wanted me to have 3 contractions in 10 minutes and have baby respond well to all of them. After a few hours baby did well, Jake got to leave and went to work (he had 17 patients scheduled!) and I got to go home and have a baby shower that night. What an EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!

I went in today and they said I looked good, and Tuesday will be the big day! I'm so excited, but scared and nervous all at the same time...

Me getting to leave the hospital


  1. I will be thinking about you! Hope that all goes well :)

  2. I'm glad you are doing well! Wow, he'll be here soon. I can't wait to hear about him!

  3. I'm glad things went okay. Good luck on Tuesday! Can't wait to hear the big news!

  4. Good luck Kellie!! Hope all goes well!