Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Utah Easter Egg

So I finally figured out how to steal these photos from our Egg hunt off my brother's website. Isn't he a great photographer?!?! (I need/want a new camera... mother's day?)
Cianna Whitney
My dad
Simone with Remy
Me and Reesa

What a fun time we had in Utah! Thanks everyone for helping us feel so loved, welcomed, and missed! I'm sad I couldn't see ALL my friends and extended family while we were there, but know we love and miss you just the same!~

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  1. Loved the Easter pictures! Where on earth did you find that suit for Jansen? Are you kidding me? So cute! Reesa looks adorable and you look fantastic pregnant! Just glowing! How is your sister-in-law doing with the twins? I'm sure it was fun to meet them! Love that your blogging! Miss you!