Friday, May 22, 2009

Maymont Part

Last Wednesday we found the neatest park in Virginia. It totally made me feel like we were in Europe!... well maybe just back in Ohio visiting a Metro Park. But it was so pretty and the weather was so nice. We took the kids there to go explore. It was so big there are many parts we didn't get to see, but figured we'd just be back for more!

We first went to the Italian Gardens. There were so beautiful!
There were lines of roses the kids loved to smell. We had to keep a close eye on them to make sure they didn't pick any!
Here's the smallest little butterfly Reesa found. She LOVES bugs!
Waiting for the tram to take us somewhere... we didn't wait long enough to find out.
I really took it easy, Jake took the kids to the Japanese Gardens where they have stepping stones you can walk across the pond on, with 18 inch fish swimming right by your feet. Jake said Reesa DID NOT want to leave!
Running down the hill to the aviary. Jake decided it was too far for me to walk, so we saved it for another day and just relaxed in the grass and shade.

This is all Jansen wants to do when I hold him.

But come on, he's sooo cute!

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  1. Kellie!!
    What a gorgeous park! I wish I could go there too!! I also want to say we'll be praying for you and your sweet baby boy! Hope every goes smoothly!
    Hugs from Ohio!