Saturday, February 21, 2009

We love Valentines too!

Am I the only one who takes 3 days to make sugar cookies? We started this project on Wednesday and it was NOT EASY! I was the one crying at the end of the first day. I thought making it a family event would be so fun. However, I learned to make the frosting WITHOUT any help, get out several bowls for color options and wait til Jansen took a nap!
Reesa was so proud of her frosting job, she only wanted to lick it off, and would no longer eat a cookie!
Having fun with the sprinkles...

Ta-Da, we did it!
We had a wonderful Valentines Day. Jake got up early and made us all waffles before he left for work.
Jake sent me a box of tulips. Since I didn't hear Fed Ex come, they sat on my porch most of the day. Have you seen that commercial about the girl who gets a flowers delivered in a box for V-day? We laughed so hard at that, Jake was dying when he realized he ordered flowers from a box. Tulips were a nice surprise, I've never had them before, and they were beautiful even from a box!
They looked great a few days later... (this picture doesn't do it justice) until Jansen climbed onto the table and pulled off all the petals trying to smell them.

Since Jake was gone to work, I had all day to think of something to do for him. Hannah gave me the great idea to make chocolate covered strawberries. (Don't wait til the last minute... $6 at Wal-mart! for 14 strawberries, and I got the VERY last carton). But they were SO GOOD!

So we went to Wal-mart and wasted time til Jake got home, finding supplies to make valentines etc... well Jake decided to surprise us and come home 2 hours early. Since my phone didn't get service in the store we stayed a LONG time. (I love Wal-mart.) I told Jake he shouldn't try to surprise me anymore, I hate surpises anyway. BUT don't feel too bad. Jake cleaned the disaster house, did ALL the dishes, swept the kitchen floor, took out the trash and exhausted himself so when we got home, all he wanted was to sit on the couch and watch TV! I was so happy to have a clean house again!
Since I loved the strawberries so much, I went and bought more a few days later, and found THIS! Reesa and Jansen ate the WHOLE carton and left green stems everywhere. When I asked Reesa, "who did this?," she said "I am, I am cleaning this big mess!" I love that girl!
AND finally, my shamrocks started to bloom!!! After 2 months of being in a box from packing, spilling over the kitchen sink 4 times til Jake told me I had to get rid of them, I replanted them and placed them on a shelf in the kitchen (away from the sink) and 1 week later, they look THIS good. Are these the cutest plants ever??? I don't know why they make me so happy. I think they will always be my favorite plant!


  1. So cute! Look at that little apron, so adorable. Yours look so much better than mine. Come to find out, chocolate covered strawberries dont look very pretty when you have to hold a baby in one hand. ;) Can't wait to see you! Love you!

  2. yeah, what's w/ sugar cookies, they take days to make!

    my flowers usually come in a box!

    HEY! guess what our neighbors up the street and our home teacher know y'all! travis & jamie treseder! they saw your christmas card pic on our fridge cool! i was like oh you know kellie! she is the nicest person ever!! you'll have to come back and visit both of us :)

  3. Kellie! Your family is so cute and it looks so amazing to live in such a beautiful and fun place! I can't believe you can just drive to DC and NYC! That is so awesome! I am so excited to be able to see what is going on with you thru your blog! Yeah!

  4. Great job on your cookies and I love tulips! They just don't make it here in Az. Which is why I love Utah so I would love to have tulips grow in my front yard!

  5. Love your cookies!! How fun! Happy V-Day.