Friday, February 13, 2009

October: New York

Since my Paw-paw Whitney is a WWII veteran, the Louisiana government flew all the veterans to DC to see their memorial. Most of the Veterans had not seen their memorial, so it was a very nice gesture. Only being an hour and a half away, I took the trip to DC and camped out at the memorial to see my paw-paw, I wasn't about to miss this oppertunity!

FYI: Colin Powell (seen in my picture right behind the guy in a wheelchair wearing a red jacket, NEXT to my paw-paw) was walking through the crowd and Jansen started running right for the water fountains. Powell picked up Jansen while several photographers snapped shots of him rescuing Jansen from his fateful death. He held Jansen who of course hammed it up! I would have taken a picture too if I wasn't so worried about my child falling in the water, (yeah right, like I even knew who the guy was at the time!) I never checked to see if the picture printed in the paper or not.
It was the day after Halloween, and YES this is the only thing I could get Reesa to wear. So embarrassing, right?

Here's Jansen and the beautiful memorial.

"Not another picture!"

It was so fun to see my Grandpa, and have him meet my little boy, Jansen for the first time! Thanks Aunt Alicia for making it all happen!

In October, Jake had to take a class in New York, we thought it would be fun to make a little road trip out of it. We went up a day early to see all the sights. Here's Reesa striking a pose before we left the hotel room.

Jake and Jansen at the top of the Empire State building. It was FREEZING, we didn't stay long. However, because it was so cold there was no line for any of the elevators.

Me and Reesa

Our little family. We bought the one they take of you (sorry, too lazy to scan it) because I was too cold to try again for a better picture...

Happy Halloween! Why won't this picture turn? Jake went all out with the fake leather costume and wig. He wore it to work in the WHOLE day. He didn't get home til 7:30, so I took the kids around our circle and when Jake got here we did a few more. It was really fun only have to go to 10 houses and be DONE!


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad you started a blog! Now I can stalk you...I mean check up on you! :) Looks like you guys have been up to lots of fun! Oh, and I love your Paw Paw!

  2. It's great to see your blog! You look happy in your pictures and the kids look great!