Saturday, February 14, 2009

Preschool Tiaras

At preschool Reesa learned about the letter T, and they had a tea party, made treasure chests, and wore Tiaras. It was the "girliest" thing you have ever seen and Reesa had a BLAST! (thanks Gretchen)

Reesa with her cousin Brinley

The sweetest thing I have ever seen!!!

But someone was sad they didn't go to preschool and demanded to wear the Tiara.

Jansen was so funny, if it fell off, he would immediately bring it to me, grunt to tell me he wanted it back on his head, and then give you the BIGGEST smile like he knew he looked cute. I couldn't believe how long this went on. After an hour I got out the camera!
We decided to try a new tradition and make a ginger bread house, (from a kit). It turned out so cute. I was very proud.

Here's a different view of our house!

When we moved to Virginia I told Rylee we were all going to see the Nutcracker this December. She was the only one who remembered, and luckily we picked her name for Christmas, so Chelsey watched my kids for me and we went to see the ballet.

It was so fun, and Rylee was the perfect child. She watched on the edge of her seat, and didn't say a word (even when I tried to get her to talk!).

The theatre was georgeous. Too bad you can't see it!


  1. what a good aunt you are!!

    love reesa's heart dress!

  2. LOVE the tiara... that's some good blackmail stuff you can use later on in his life!! :)

  3. Kellie!! I'm so happy you have a blog! It's such a fun way to keep in touch! And then, I look at your side bar and see Chelsey, Simone, and Jordan all have blogs too! Please tell Chelsey and Jordan to send me an invite as their blogs are private..
    I'm so glad to see your family!! Looks like you guys are doing great!
    You can visit our family blog at

    love ya!

  4. Yeah! I don't need a blog b/c I am in your life enough that you are doing it for me...hee, hee.

  5. love the leopard dress! i totally remember that from that very awesome GAP sale...