Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thanksgiving and all around...

So we made the trip out the Cali to see Jake's family in December and decided to go to Disneyland to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, Reesa's birthday, Christmas (and anything else we could justify for this trip). What a nice sunny day in December!

Jake and Reesa in line for Alice in Wonderland.

Me and Jansen

He could NOT get over these bars. He was determinded to fit through them and tried in EVERY line we got in. It was so funny.

Reesa becoming a princess. They have such fun things for kids to do!

She got to make and decorate a crown, learn a dance and meet a princess!
Cinderella's castle was lit up and looked so beautiful. I couldn't get my camera to take a good picture. This doesn't do it justic.
You can barely see the castle in the background. Everytime we now watch a Disney movie, they show this castle and Reesa yells, "we went there, we went there." It was really cute one day I heard her say, "Jansen you went there." What a fun big sister.

Yes, we're bad parents. After both kids fell asleep sitting up, Reesa was sitting up asleep in the seat behind Jansen too! It was only 6:30 at night, and we hadn't taken the kids on all the rides we wanted them to go on! After this we decided it was time to go home. Boo-hoo.

This is my proudest project Jake and I completed. We had bumpers around the fireplace, which became the first thing Jansen took off the minute he came in this room. So we copied the Brinton's and built our own safety bench. I wish I had a closer picture, but it's 4 sides of wood, covered with foam, and then fabric stapled on top. It's so comfy to sit on and looks VERY professional.
Jansen destroying my computer. Chelsey found him and said I had to get a picture. I didn't think it was as funny as she did. He does this daily, until Jake put a chain lock on the door!
He knows he's naughty!
Julie and her family drove down from Pittsburgh to spend Thanksgiving with us. She is the BEST cook and we loved having her! She brought tons of great recipes and COOKED everything. We felt so spoiled.
I think we made 6 pies that morning (a Lenora Geyer tradition), and we had lots of helpers as you can see.
Chocolate coconut pecan pie! It was a hit!
Happy Birthday to me! I turned 31 and Jake gave me a AWESOME Belgian waffle maker. I have a big smile, but I was SO SICK this day. Jake made us dinner, and he's been true to his word and we get homemade waffles once a week! The gift that keeps on giving... yum.

Wagon ride in our back yard. This gives you the perfect idea of Reesa when she's happy.
I had to add Washington's Momument


  1. Kel, you look great! Cute and thin as ever! And I was dying laughing at the pics of Jansen destroying your computer, because as I sit here reading this, Cohen is sitting on the computer desk, grabbing the mouse and trying to pull over the monitor!

  2. Yay! Im so happy you have a blog now! We miss all of you and cant wait to see you again! Love you!
    -Shauna and Alex