Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Reesa

Reesa turned 3! It's so hard to have vacation, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays all in one month. Luckily my sister and her family came to make the party, and not too much stress for me! I made Reesa this cake, but it didn't turn out. I made her one when she turned 2, but I knew she would LOVE it now, so I tried again. This time my mom wasn't there to help.

Here's the cake I made the year before, much better.
Opening gifts

She got the book "I don't care said the bear." Barbie that looks like a butterfly, princess memory and a play kitchen (which Jansen loves to sit in the oven).
Grandma Geyer gave her this hilarious dog outfit. Snuggly and pink!

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