Monday, October 18, 2010

Naked baby

Okay, so I know this blog feels like it's turning into what Jansen did today, but honestly I just can't believe it sometimes!!! This morning I'm on the phone thinking Jansen is with Reesa, when I find Reesa alone. So as I run outside to start the search, I hear him over at the neighbors, no clothes, no diaper!!! Stunned I as him, "where are your clothes?" His reply, "I don't know."
(I edited this photo so Jake won't be mad I'm posting it...)


  1. Haha, what did your neighbour say? :) My neighbour came to the door last week to drop something off. In the 2 minutes she was here, Cohen showed her my breast pump (a little embarrassing) AND pulled down his pants to show her his big boy underwear, only his undies came down, too. So he did a little flashing himself! So did you find Jansen's clothes? :) I'm so impressed he can say "I don't know!" He's come a long way quick with his speech!

  2. Oh my! It makes me laugh though.
    Also, what is that pipe for? Any ideas? I would be very nervous for kids to crawl in inside.
    That picture of Reesa with her cat is so pretty!

  3. Jansen is TOO cute! I love that Jake made you blur his cute bum!

  4. I never cease to have a good laugh and a long, long sigh at the same time. Love, Mom

  5. i'm sure my time is coming with this....too funny!!!