Saturday, October 9, 2010

House photos

So we moved in to our house at the end of June, and yes, I am finally posting some pictures.
I'm sorry I didn't pick up anything, so this is what you would see if you were here today visiting. I'll take you on a little walk...
You come into our house and you have one big huge kitchen, dining, and family room. We have beautiful hardwood floors so of course I'm ready to make some curtains to keep the noise down in that room. (My kids are extra loud!)
Oh, and you can't forget our tray ceiling we repainted purple.
Our house is all one level, something I NEVER thought I would want. BUT it has turned out to be awesome. Everything feels close and with little kids that makes it feel safer, but mainly we just keep thinking if/when Mitchell needs a wheelchair this house will be perfect for us!!! No stairs to worry about.
Straight out the back of the front room is our patio. We have a yard great for exploring. BUT being in a new territory, we have been so nervous about what might be out there. We have coyotes, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions... So even though a fence is considered rude and tacky out here in the country, I still want one!!!
We have an above ground pool with a slide, extra fun for when you come to visit us!!
Then our small patch of grass which Jake loves b/c it takes about 5 minutes to mow! (and can you see my little witch Jansen?)
Keep walking and you come to our volleyball court in the FRONT YARD!?!? Those posts are cemented in, so no changing that around. But it's also a great sandbox. (Jake was taking down the net when I took this)

Then follow Reesa on this little path back around to the front yard.
Back in our house we have a hallway off the left and right of the great room.
To the right we have our bedrooms, and to the left we have the laundry room, guest room, office, and garage.
guest bathroom
Jansen's bedroom, then I stopped taking pictures, b/c you can't see all of his room, and it just doesn't do any of them justice... so you have to come if you want to see the rest!
I had to include little Reesa all ready for Halloween. She's so excited! She woke up and put her costume on before she came in my bed to say good morning...

So besides the snakes, (which I have still NOT seen a live one thank goodness) did I do a good job of making you want to come visit us out here??? Is this what you thought it looked like?

I really have enjoyed living here and I feel so lucky. It just feels like the right place for our family. AND even though I thought I would hate being in a small town, I've really liked it here. Things move at a slower pace, and I feel like I make the time to enjoy my kids... kind of. ha ha


  1. Thank you for responding to my constant request for house photos! I LOVE your house! Wow. I think I would love a bungalow. If you could see Calgary or Fort McMurray where the lots are teeny tiny, and the houses are built about 6 feet apart, you would know what I mean! Where did you get the pictures on Jansen's wall? They're so cute. But I still want a picture of your kitchen! Okay, we definitely want to visit. :)

  2. beautiful home!! Thanks for sharing pics. I'm scared of rattle snakes. I worked for a pharmacy during my summer breaks in California and had to drive to all over central cali- and always saw them- crossing the road or on someones property. YIKES.

  3. I think I would like your house alot--I kind of hate stairs now that we live in a multi-level style! It's hard to keep track of the boys! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well :)

  4. Your house is beautiful! I have the same feelings about a one-level home: didn't think I'd like one, but it actually seems like it would be great! I miss crafting with you, so it was fun to see projects and decorations up in your house.

  5. What a great house! I love the yellow, it looks sooo California (like I am an expert). My grandma live is Lodi and my favorite things there are the smell (of the air:) and the houses. They are beautiful! I love your purple tray ceiling! That is scary to have all of those animals around! We only have deer, foxes, skunks, and snakes. That would freak me out, too! I want you to enjoy your home, but then come out here so I can see you :)

  6. Kellie, you have done SO much to your house since I last saw it!! I'm SUPER impressed! I think my favorite is that guest bathroom!! That metal thing you have on the wall is really cute, where did you get it?! We can't wait to come and see it again!!

  7. Kellie! So cute! I love the color and the layout! It's beautiful! I definitely want to come visit & see it all in person. I can't imagine it being any cuter! You have so many fun things and I would definitely KEEP the volleyball net! You could have some sweet parties just in your front yard! I love it! I do have one question though? How did you ever decide on purple? It's bold yet very pretty and elegant for a dining room! How fun!

  8. Beautiful home and I love how you showed us a tour just like it would be if we stopped in today to see it. ;) We would love to get out there sometime to visit you. I looks like you have been busy with a lot of fun things lately. Thanks for blogging! I love to still keep up on what is going on with you, even if we are a distance away. :)

  9. Love your house and that you love where you are!!!

  10. I'm up for a visit, looks like fun, especially the slide in the pool! Sounds so fun, and did I miss the kitchen?? My in' laws have a bungalow and she actually said it made laundry easier... I wouldn't have thought ANYthing would make laundry easier!?!!