Friday, October 8, 2010

Jansen's three.

Still catching up... but for "handsome Jansen's" 3rd birthday we had an awesome party. Since Jansen really doesn't follow the rules for a birthday party, we didn't want to have one for 3 year olds, so we just invited some of our friends with their families over for a pool party. It was GREAT. We did a few fun party things, but mainly just let the kids swim.
The night before we had our family party, mainly so Jansen would know what to do with candles in front of everyone. We sang 4 or 5 times letting him blow out the candles for practice. AND it paid off at the party Jansen didn't let us down. He sang just as loud as everyone, blew out his candles, and wanted to do it again. It was great!!! We were so proud of him, AND how quickly he caught on.
Jansen got 5 different Buzz lightyears for his b-day... can you guess what his first word was? BUZZ!!!

Jake drew Buzz and Woody for our corn hole game (bean bag game for all you western'ers) and Reesa colored them! Didn't she do a great job???
I also filled a kiddie pool with 10 packages of of spagetti noodles, but didn't get a picture. It was such a fun night.

Jansen is very active. He can and has run a mile. He can throw and kick a ball very well. His first word, at age three was BUZZ, now he probably has 30 words though. He's very affectionate, and we milk it! If you ask for a kiss and make a kissy sound when Jansen runs away, he HAS to turn around, and come back and kiss you. We LOVE IT!!! Apples are his favorite food and he eats about 8 a day (talk about diaper rash). SO we put a lock on the fridge and now he sneaks about 2 a day. He loves fruit, pizza and JUICE, and anything outside.

Such a sweet baby boy! We love you Jansen!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jansen!! Very cute cornhole game. So fun to hear about all the fun things he does. Love that he runs back for kisses.

  2. Happy Birthday Jansen!! I can't believe he's already 3! Kellie your kids are adorable!!

  3. You are such a good mommy, Kellie :)
    Happy Birthday Jansen!