Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen Photos

Okay, I'm really surprised that everyone (Lindsay) is so annoyed I left out my kitchen. I guess I figured you would just remember a few from before... so I grabbed my camera took 2 photos (because if I had to clean the counters first I would find a hundred other things I should be doing besides taking a picture to put on my blog... ha ha)

So here's my clutter-ry kitchen. We love it!
It has a bar and an island, one day we'll get stools for it.
Here you can see the doors that go outside to the backyard. Can you picture it now?


  1. wow what a cute kitchen! looks like u guys have been having fun! i'm so glad-and if being tired makes u old then i may as well be a grandma! miss u all!

  2. a little more "roomier" than our Beeville Pad! Living in that apartment (can that even be called and actual apartment?) you appreciate a nice kitchen and space to run and play in!