Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween In Utah

For October break, the kids get a week off of school, so Jake took a few days off work and we went to Utah. We only stayed 3 days, but we packed in the fun.
The U of U had a fun Halloween trick or treat party for kids that we went to, and this is the only time we broke out the camera. As you can tell, we all went through Grandma Sue's costumes to find something to wear...
Jansen was so cute to pick out this peter pan hat! I would have never guessed!
They had some of the cutest things for the kids to do, each house had a theme and then an activity to go along with it. Like a story with Wendy and a pirate boat to climb through from Peter Pan. A house to color and tie a balloon to it, from the movie Up, and Andy's room with pictures to color of Woody and Buzz, along with 10 Mr. Potato Heads that Jansen didn't want to leave alone. It was so fun.
Remy, Reesa, and Cianna
From left to right, Jake, Jansen, Me, Reesa, Jordan, Zaylee (?) Saige, Cianna, Claudia, Remy, Zoey (?) Simone, Caprice (turned around) Beckhem, Benson, and my dad took the picture.
(Did I get the twins right?)


  1. Kell:

    What's Jake dressed as? A jester?

    Dad Geyer

  2. How Cute they all look, glad you broke out the camera!!

  3. Love the beautiful kitchen! It took us several months to get barstools as well; finally found the best deal on Amazon. I'll try to not be sad that we didn't get to see you on your way through (assuming you drove??) to Utah. :) Hopefully one of these years we'll get out to CA! :)