Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I'm not sure whether to laugh or be totally freaked out! Jansen found this new great hiding place that he RUNS to the second he's let outside.
Can you see him in there?
When he finally came out, he looked at me and signed "cat" and pointed into that pipe. Nice try buddy. Even though it's true you're still not out of trouble.
Any suggestions?
And of course Reesa loving her kitty.


  1. Never a dull moment with Jansen! :) Luckily you saw him go in...otherwise you might never have found him. I have no suggestions...although maybe that fence you're talking about building could block off that hole? Good luck!

  2. Kellie/Jake:

    Place a wired together #4 rebar grate in front of each end opening (upstream and downstream). Spacing should be about 4 to 6-inches apart. Make the vertical rebars long enough to extend and embed in a Quikcrete block below the finish ground surface so Jan-Man can't pull it out. You don't want to put screens or anything finer mesh for that will collect and plug debris in and outside the pipe openings and the pipe won't drain. These will still act as trash racks though and will need to be cleaned of debris every once and awhile. But kitty will be able to come and go but not Jan-Man (hopefully).

    See quick and very dirty sketch attached. Be careful to not have any sharp ends on the rebars, glue caps on them because "you know who" will try to pull them off and get cut.

    Any spiders in his shirt or hair when he got out?

    Ah, life on the Great American Frontier, eh?!

    Dad Geyer

  3. Only Dad would give you a complete blueprint on how to solve this problem. Makes me giggle. Love you all, and you too, Dad! :)